♥ Wednesday, April 22, 2009

||Crazy Snobbish Rich Bitch attacked ME in Taka Lv1 Toilet!!!||

What in the world is becoming of this world?

Just so you are a tourist, or a rich businesswoman, or even a rich well to do woman, doesn't give you the right to be any less Courteous/BIG RUDE MEANIE, to us, Singaporeans.

You PEOPLE, yes, I said it, YOU PEOPLE, can jolly well go back from where you came from cos hey, Be nice and we will play nice. Be Mean and we will hold back Nothing.

Its because of BItches like these that makes us Forced to show the ugly side of what singaporeans can be like.

Here's what happened:

Me and Bunny went to Taka today to check out some cosmetics. We headed for the toilet first, and on the way out, I needed to repack stuff in my bag cos everything was kinda a mess inside SO, we BORROWED the diaper changing 'table' in the toilet at the cosmetic department at level 1, to set my HEAVY bag on it so I can rearrange my things in the bag.

I took out a brochure and was MINDING my own business, with bunny, chatting and talking bout makeup brands and stuffs AND making sure we weren't blocking ANYONE'S way to the toilet cubicles. We were happily discussing amongst ourselves when this WOMAN just came beside us, thinking she is of a HIGHER UPPER CLASS LEVEL than us, raised her voice and said


Of course, normal human reaction was to think first if its cos the other party WANTS something or if we were really in the wrong in blocking her way. So I looked at her, and looked behind me, WE WEREN'T IN HER WAY AT ALL cos there was sucha huge space behind us for her to easily pass.

SO the next thing I suspected was, that she wanted something from us. So okay, I glanced back at her cos hey, she just said a "EXCUSE ME", expecting us to Zhi Dong (automatically do something about it) so I saw that she was rummaging through her CHANEL bag.

We didn't do anything but when she finished rummaging at that point, she was staring at us with those Firey eyes and I was wondering, WHAT THE FUCK DOES THIS WOMAN WANT ANYWAY? WE'RE NOT EVEN IN HER WAY, OR BLOCKING HER TO MOVE TO THE TOILET CUBICLES.

Assuming on the spot then that she wanted to Use the diaper changing station also, I OFFERED HER to Share the spot with us so I immediately Shifted my bag to the left so there was space on the right.

And I said
"Oh you want to use this also? okay then let's Share La"

Plus, I wasn't even raising my tone in any rude manner. I was being Polite and to speak our native singlish language, won't seem so overbearing to the other party so they feel comfortable talking with you but who knows?! It happened the other way round for THIS WOMAN instead.


Now guess what this Unreasonable woman said? She was clearly dissatisfied with my answer and of course thinking she carry a Chanel bag (which looked rather Exclusive, bigger than the Chanel 2.55 and had many CC logo/badges on the bag surface), we OUGHT to give way to her and REMOVE OURSELVES from the station when WE WERE THERE FIRST.

Now, please understand that we were only gonna use the station for a quick while and there were no babies/prams around so hey, why can't we borrow it for a while to pack my bag and also quickly browse through a makeup brochure at the same time?

She behaved like she was a princess or something (qian jing xiao jie) and expected us to give way when she raised her voice in a I WANT IT THIS WAY, I WANT IT NOW manner. But NO WAY am I giving in cos hey, I DON'T GIVE A FUCK WHO SHE WAS, plus, WE WERE HERE FIRST and, I Kindly OFFERED her to Share the diaper change 'table' with us some more. I even shifted my bag to the cornerend leaving her a HUGE space for a CHANEL bag and the space she needed, didn't even have to be much.

Then she talked back to me in a Very Rude and uncourteous manner.

She said
"What's SHARE LA? That's so typical Ah Lian style of speaking".

WOAH. I never did this woman any wrong, did she have to be so rude at my offer? WHAT THE HELL?! Now, she really stepped on my toes. And still she stood there and I can see she wanted to use the 'table' but didn't want to share with us. CRazy woman.

So I rebutted back(how can i let sucha unreasonable woman step over our heads? She say move, we Move ah? Wtf.) and

i said
"So I said share, you want a space here don't you? Here you go."

I then proceeded to Shift my bag to the corner of the table so she has a space. I don't see what's wrong with Sharing public utilities/things with strangers what. Isn't that a good thing to share, if we don't want to give up the 'table'?

Then she raised her voice further and said
"This is a public place, not a discussion corner."

WHO has the time to discuss with her sia? We certainly WERE not discussing at all, just merely talking, stranger to stranger. And she call this a discussion?! Come on la.. Her vocabulary is seriously limited, What Discussion man.... and she was trying to flaunt her 'VERY GOOD ENGLISH speaking skills' by trying to put us down and Flaming us.

I then raised my voice back in a not happy manner and said
"I know that this is a Public place, Anyone has the right to use it. Nothing wrong with that wat"

I PURPOSELY SAID the 'wat' at the end of my sentence to SPITE her further. It seems she has something against the so called 'Ah lian' way of speaking? Guess she must be living on a Rich Mountain hill or a tourist to have NEVER heard of Singlish from typical Singaporeans before, to even say all this to me. FREAKO, she must be CUCKOO in the head. o.0

Next thing that happened was, I turned my head back to the brochure and talked to bunny about the cosmetics and IGNORED that crazy woman. Nobody provoke her and just cos of my SHARE LA singlish style of speaking, she come 'Blow Fire' at us? What in the world?!?!

Then the CRAZY woman took our hint that we weren't gonna LEAVE THE TABLE so she can have it all to herself (and hey, why can't she join us and share the same 'table'? Cos we weren't of the same Class level as her? That we belonged in the lower class level and she, the Upper class level? Lol) and had

the cheek to say "Such Ill-bred people".

And she still stood there waiting for us to GIVE WAY.

I was thinking, WAIT TILL YOU HAVE BABY THEN I Let YOU USE. You're not even a mother with a baby with you anyway, why shuld I let you use the ENTIRE TABLE? What gives you the right anyway? Im already willing to SHare with you so be content with it. MOreover, I CAME HERE FIRST.

Then Bunny was saying to me, Loudly so that Bitch can hear,
"There's a lot of crazy people in this world".

And I replied
"Ya lor, really crazy ones. Don't know where they all come from, all come at one shot."

She walked off to the tap area and continue shouting back that we were
"Such Ill-bred people", and that we were "Ah Lians".

She wanted to spite us but Nah, she FAILED miserably! DOUBLE FAIL!!!! hahahaha Ya la ya la call use whatever la, vocabulary limited like shit! Only know these two phrases

Nobody called me an Ah lian before cos I always looked nerdy. So in fact, I was quite happy to be labelled an Ah Lian. Fearless Ah Lian can? And hey, my dressing was just black shirt with black shorts. My eye makeup wasn't even that intense/dramatic okay. What is wrong with that BITCH's mind? Anyone speaking singlish and dressing like this is an

AH LIAN?!!?!??!!


I talked back at her cos she called us Ill Bred, Ah lians, as she proceeded to do her makeup at the taps there.

So I fought back and shouted right back at her
"So what if you carry a Chanel Bag? It doesn't make you any more Well-bred than us. You're still the SAME as us!"

She had nothing to rebutt back and kept quiet. Me and bunny then packed our things and then we were laughing back loudly at that woman and said something like

"Can you imagine the kind of crazy people that exist here? I wonder where they all came from some more. What the fuck?! lololol"

And we exited the toilet. Then, both of us told our classmates about what happened and while we were browsing cosmetic stuffs outside, we were WATCHING THE TOILET to see if the crazy woman would exit or not but she did not. Guess she went out through the back or something. She Never came out.

Crazy bitches like these ought to be shot.

Okay I don't mean shot but hey, just cause you are Rich or wat, doesn't give u the right to trample on others who are nice to you. Or even, give you the right to be a HIGHCLASS AHLIAN bitch and have Everything your way.

She is the FIRST and hopefully, the LAST, SNOBBISH MEAN RUDE BITCH I've ever encountered in my entire life!

But hey, this kind of people easy to put down, just don't let them have their way lor and do the things that irk them most lol like my LA and LORS,in this case for this crazy unreasonable HAG, no, WHORE.

Now I Truly believe that, even Rich people aren't spared from being Crazy.

And no, I don't let people who tread on my toes have their way. Want to pit against me, try harder. Let's see how low you can go. Cos I, Very well, Don't give a DAMN about saving my Face and I, can go lower than anyone can go. ONce provoked and my volcano erupts, I will fight all the way until the other party gets pulled down with me, to the bottom. That I can assure will happen. That is, to those who provoke me.

Im one scary woman when seriously provoked.

So, don't spar with me, what for stoop so low to my level just to spite me there? That shows how Childish you can be. Try to spite me and say Im childish, immature what nots blah blah blah, IM fine with all these, cos hey I told ya, if its a fight that you want, its a jolly good fight you'll get.

I don't give up until I win.

So its either I win, or the other party Loses.

But hey, this is the uber scary side of me if provoked and my tolerance runs out. Yes, Im as scary as can be.

Don't be afraid, my tolerance level is pretty high, but not to the really unreasonable ones like this crazy taka bitch where nobody provoke her and she wana come provoke me with her limited foul vocabulary of Ill Bred, Ah lian, Discussion, Share La.

Whatever. I don't give a shit.

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