♥ Tuesday, March 03, 2009

||Tried Smelly Tofu for THE FIRST TIME and its REALLY YUMMY!||

I've always thought Smelly Tofu had a Ultra Pungent smell and that it wouldn't taste good at all. I couldn't imagine myself shoving a piece of stinky tofu and actually not throw up after that..

Bunny was telling me that despite the stench, its actually SUPER YUMMY & CRISPY. And the smell is acutally, quite BEARABLE. I didn't believe her. The thought of throwing up at the stall due to the smell got me worried cos I sure don't wana make a scene at the shop there.. Then she said if I couldn't take it, we'll leave the place for somewhere else to have dinner so okay, I agreed. Second thing that was on my mind was, my clothes and breath were sure gonna stink after that.. Not to mention, Im so afraid that the smell will get onto my bag and not disappear.. :( So I packed light and wore shorts instead of my usual skinny jeans there.

Nearing the shop, I kept asking her if the Smell of the stinky tofus had 'started' yet or not and she said that its very very faint only.. Then she also said that when they bring the tofu out, we'll be able to smell it very 'clearly'. 0_0 So okay, we walked on and got a seat outside the shop cos she said the smell might be super duper strong inside the shop and I won't be able to take it.

I don't know what was wrong with my nose that day but I couldn't smell any stinkiness coming from where we sat. And the shop wasn't even that big so any smell coming from the kitchen, we'll be able to notice it. I just recovered from a cold and my nose was perfectly fine..

When we were gonna start placing our orders, I noticed that the signboard had Tiger Beer logos on it. The smelly tofu shop is around Paya Lebar area..

Strange thing was, they had no Tiger Beer AT ALL. :( Bummer. If like that shouldn't even have Tiger Beer logos on the signboard what. >:O So misleading. Cos I was thinking how nice it would be to have beer and crispy tofu..

The lady there even told us to get from the pub beside the shop if we wanted our Tiger Beer but that would cost more since we'll be getting it from a pub. We gave that a miss and just ordered some can drinks from the tofu shop. Then we placed out order and waited..




And a plate of sauces came out. Bunny said we're supposed to place the tofu in between the chilli and ketchup, then grab a small piece of preserved vege (for extra crunchiness and flavour) and eat it altogether..

Here is where we sat. Beside the dusty road with cars moving by the side. Then I was telling her like how unhygienic it could be? Especially when the vehicle's exhuast pipe would emit those fumes.. And know what she told me?

She said something like:

All good food are always beside a dusty road. And the dirtier the road is, the more tastier the food is and its always packed full with people coming back for more. (that I agree man.. haha *imagines steamboats at bugis area, pasar malam food stalls, shophouse stalls*)

Our table's right beside a fire hydrant -.- But well, as long as there are no cockroaches or ants, and the streets aren't wet with puddles, Im fine with dining anywhere..

Finally its here! As the lady was bringing it to us, the stench grew and when it was right in front of us, I was kinda holding my breath while Bunny paid the lady cos I don't wana throw up or anything (that was what i thought if i breathed in the stench since its my first time eating smelly tofu here..) The color of the tofu is like Brown Bread color.. Very dull and don't look like much but the tofu flesh was Very White! The skin was not golden brown like most normal fried tofus.. Then she told me that she only liked eating the crispy skin and not the meat inside haha

Here's a plate of 3 smelly tofus, all diced up and ready to eat!

Then she was telling me stories of this Tofu shop. She said there used to be a branch at bugis, i think, and it was burned down. Turns out, it was burned down cos it was Super Smelly and it was hard for its Neighbours to do business in their own food stalls.. Then she said that the people who set fire to the shop was done by the neighbours or something. So mean! But of course, can understand why they did that.. cos not everybody can take the stench of Smelly Tofu..

Bunny also told me that in Hongkong, the stench is FAR WORSE than those tofu stalls in Singapore. That even after a few streets, you can still smell the smelly tofu from afar but thats in Hongkong. However, cos of government regulations or something, Smelly Tofu shops must not make their tofus too smelly and its toned down a lot as compared to Hongkong ones..

Then now this is the only Smelly Tofu shop here. Cos she only know of this one and the other branch was burned down. Inside the shop, there were many newspaper cuttings pasted on the walls but we didn't go in to take a look. Heh.

Then came the Soft Shell crab prata :D Yay! I just can't get enough of Seafood! :D

Our Sweet & Sour noodles came too :)

I wonder if the smelly tofu stench will be gone when she washes her scarf :p

I tried the noodles and they gave too much ingredients and I had a hard time fishing for my noodles.. Cos the rest were like spices or vege and I didn't like it. Tasted the soft shell crab prata and it was not bad. :) Can taste the crab and it was quite crispy but Bunny only ate some parts that looked OK to her cos she has a thing against Ugly stuffs..She doesn't eat ugly things (eg squids also haha)

Halfway eating, this person's car parked beside the stall and it was so COOL! Bunny agreed too and then I was telling her how i don't like this kind of car cos it can only sit like 2 people.. Then where's the boot to store barang barangs? Like shopping bags or grocery bags.. Maybe its also cos Im not someone hardcore over cars and as long as its comfortable, how it looks on the outside don't matter much to me.. Its just a design.. And you're paying for the brand.. Oh well, maybe my mindset wil change when I know more about cars but we'll see :)

Okay, back to the tofus. :D The smell wasn't that revolting, it was very bearable and when I dipped it in the sauces and chewed with the preserved vege, it all went well together and it was really tasty! I didn't throw up at all! I chewed my very first piece, loved it, and dived straight into another piece! :) Yummy yummy yummy I think what so nice about it is, that its very crispy and has the smell and when I tried chewing off a small piece off that was without any sauce or vege, a pungent stench shot up my nose and I told bunny that its really very stinky if I didn't add any sauces to musk the smell..

But after eating and dipping, and having my noodles at the same time, I tot it was quite troublesome to always dip and eat it so I ate it without any sauces after a while. We finished our first plate of smelly tofus successfully and immediately ordered a second plate, without hesitating :D It was just so good to resist!

While waiting for the tofus to come, something came to mind that can one have diarrhea from having too much tofus? And she said YES... 0_0 Cos one time she was so crazy over smelly tofus that she had 8 tofus in one sitting and when she went home, she had to rush to the toilet quickly to relieve herself hahaha

After eating, we were super full! I think I only have 2 and a half tofus while Bunny took on 3 and a half tofus :D Cos each plate that came earlier, had 3 tofus only.. It was time for us to do some walking exercise! Walked all the way to Paya Lebar mrt.. But along the way when we passed by a bus stop, a few people actually backed away from us and I was telling Bunny that maybe they SMELT how stinky we are thats why they give way to us.. Then while walking I kept my mouth shut tight cos I was afraid that other people can smell it and move away from us -.-" haha

I didn't bring my other camera out today cos I didn't wana let it get tainted by the smelly tofu stench.. Im just a cleaniliness freak - as what Bunny says about me all the time lol but its true mah, i don't wana let my things get dirty.. :p


Went out with W quite some time back and dined at Bugis' Soup restaurant. Its located at the basement there.. It was quite late already and other eateries were jam packed.. I was fine with anything so she suggested this place. She said the soup is very Thick and creamy and even though the bread is small, it can make you Full very fast.. I was very hungry then so I didn't think that that portion was enough for me so I ordered sandwiches too and it was Huge..

I think she's feeling full already..

There, my soup. I think I ordered clam chowder or something. Can't remember. It was really very Thick, like Gruel or porridge.. The soup can't even flow down the throat like most mushroom soups can.. This one is so thick that you have to munch through the thickness before you can go down the throat..

After eating the bread that came with it, I was very very very full. The sandwiches came after that and W was full to the max too. So I asked her if they provide takeaway service and she said can since the sandwiches were untouched.. So okay, I asked them to pack it up for me and I brought it home. Had them for breakfast the following day and its not too bad :)


Next entry update will be all about Playing with Lights and Photography! :D Boy do I love photoshopping! :)

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