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||Adorable and playful dogs in PET SAFARI! White Samoyeds & Japanese Spitz!||

03/03/09 Tuesday

Was supposed to meet Bunny for breakfast today at 9am. But as usual, I was doing up some pictures, cos I had inspiration and the drive to get to it! :D So I worked on from the wee hours of the morning, all the way until 7am and that's when I called Bunny to tell her that I haven't slept a wink at all, all night long and guess what?

Neither did she! And she was telling me why I didn't tell her that I was still awake through the night (cos i was afraid I'll be late so I stayed up all night..) cos she couldn't get to sleep at all and she said if I had let her known earlier, we'd have met up earlier for breakfast! Haha but it was already 7am and gosh, the sky was dimming further....

One hour passed and...it started to drizzle.. Then, it started raining really really heavily! OMG... So I showered and then did some light makeup and the rain still wouldn't stop.. Called her to tell her what was going on at my side and she told me it was the same for hers too :(

Breakfast plan was canceled then.. And as for me, I plonked right back in bed to snooze.. I had meant to snooze for only 5mins BUT, i guess I overshot my snooze and it became 40mins... By the time I woke up, the rain started to become less heavy, so we decided to meet at Vivo city instead to catch a movie. :) Wanted to get some Cheesy Pasta from GV there but they don't have that in the vivo outlet! :( And for once, I was earlier than her!

(im happy cos Im usually the one who's always late so its good that im early for a change)

The curious case of Benjamin Button had been on screen for very long and neither of us had caught it yet so before we went for our interview in the late afternoon, we caught this movie first and halfway near the ending, I dozed off :/

But at the end, I did manage to see the lead lady carry a baby in her arms and the baby passed away.. It was a sad movie but seeing the 'young' Brad Pitt was just so worth it! :D But I have to agree, 3hrs was a tad too long for me.. Think when the show started for a mere 10mins, Bunny was already complaining that its gonna be a 'boring' show.. Still, Im glad that we sat through it :)

After the movie, there was still some time and Bunny wanted to head to the open area but it was still drizzling so there was nothing much to see.. It was all wet outside..

As for me, I suggested going to Pet Safari to see the cute lil dogs and see if they have the breed that Im interested in :D And oh yes, they do!

Say hello to 3mths old,

(If im not wrong, this is so called the 'original'(when it grows up, its gonna be a very big fluffy dog) of the now small-medium japanese spitz, miniature spitz, and other spitzes.)

As white as snow and so cute and cuddly! :D I LIKE!!!! But they're gonna be a problem when they grow to adult size.. It'll be much too big for my liking..

Walked closer to the rest of the other cages and OMG, I spotted a pomeranian! But it wasn't pure white so didn't take a picture of it. Then, something caught my eye:

Japanese Spitz
(now these are the smaller versions of samoyeds and they grow up to small-medium size only and they are very good at doing tricks - if you train them properly from young. it was love at first sight for me when I first saw jap spitz quite a while back and i like that they are in pure solid colors :) cos most dogs are always mixed colors and its kinda common?)

This reminds me of some old lady with dark eyebags..

So we asked the Pet Safari staff there as to why jap spitz eyes some are like that and they told us that, its cos they cry from being away from their mother and they are very emotional dogs. They can grow very attached to their owner also and if owner is away, they will weep. Or that, they kinda weep(cry) easily.. As for the rings around the eyes, its common to see that in most baby puppies and cleaning the eye area often will reduce the color there and slowly it will be gone and be white again.. Hmm..

After gathering more info about Jap spitz, I was telling Bunny that I finally know why this breed was love at first sight for me le.. At first I didn't know why since it didn't even dawn on me what particular breed Im very interested in but now I do..

Together, Bunny and I said:

Cos its an EMO dog! Like 'Owner' Like Dog! Lol

Hahaha emo people flock together and even pets got emo ones too.. wooohooo

Left dog: I gotta take a pee right here now. Right dog: Alright, I'll just watch ya cos Im bored.

This is a Terrier, not sure Scottish Terrier or what. I can't remember the name and Im not that into this kind of dog.. I call this dog, a Mop dog.. Cos the fur resembles like short human hair on a human head and its more likely to carry so much dust in its fur and so hard to maintain? And when wet, the fur gets quite hard to dry.. Took this picture cos They were PLAYING but if you were there, it would look like they were... 69-ing???? >.<

My lovely Japanese Spitz!!!

Left dog: Zzzzz...
Right dog: Psst! Are you awake? I can't get to sleep! The humans are noisier than cats!


Then, the staff there brought out the two Samoyeds from the cage for grooming! One of them is in his arms!

Awww... Look at the droopy ears! So adorable!!!!

Body full of furry fluff!

This is the other Samoyed. It was barking at the staff who was grooming the other Samoyed and it was trying to gain the person's attention there (maybe he felt left out?) and did this! It stood with its back against the wall!

For a few secs and plop! Fell right back onto the floor..It was so hyperactive I tell ya!

Took a video of its restlessness that it wana come out and play!

Alright then the guy took up the other Samoyed and groomed it also :)

There! Two cute 3mth old male Samoyeds! But one thing that kinda freaked me out was the belly of the dogs.. It looked so alien-ish 0_0 Like a disease maybe? But I guess its just the pigmentation color of the belly :)

After grooming and letting both dogs cuddle and run up to the guy when he sat on the floor with the dogs, everyone was envying him lor.. Cos he got to touch and pat these two cute puppies.. :/ Then he put them back in the cage..

When will you let me out to play again?

LET ME OUT! It stinks in here!

Bleh! I've got a longer tongue than you, human!

They also had a baby pug in the other cage - Bunny's favourite and I remember when I first entered pet safari and saw the Samoyeds for the first time, I was very Happy and High! I kept jumping up and down (not jumping extremely high) or rather, bobbing up and down and was so so so excited to see them! Cos I thought they were only available in winter cold countries as I've seen pictures of this breed but in the winter white snow. And who knows, they can suit our climate too! :) And seeing them face to face for the first time! :D:D:D

After that, we were about to make a move when one of the staff there brought out the pomeranian from the cage and put it where the samoyeds were groomed earlier. Suddenly, one of the guy stepped out of the fenced gate and closed it shut. Then who knows, the little pomeranian walked super quickly, wanting to follow the staff guy that walked out, and POOF! It walked to the tiny space at the corner of the fenced gate and escaped!!!

I think I screamed cos the dog was on the loose and it could get lost, bunny was as shocked as I was but when I see that the other staff guy sitting behind the fenced gate did not budge, I knew that the pomeranian's not gonna get lost after all.. Hahaha.. So silly of us to get tensed up and scare ourselves over a small matter like this :p

We tried to track down the pomeranian and it was inside the vet clinic with the staff guy that walked out just now..

Lo and behold, I spotted the Adult sized Samoyed! And yes, it IS HUGE!

Left pet safari and our tummy was rumbling so we headed to get something to eat in vivo and after that, went for the job interview at bugis which bunny's friend had told her about and then bunny told me about it.

Reached there 30mins before the stipulated interview time and waited at the lobby for 20mins before the Interviewer came to welcome us up.

We went up.

Very surprised to see some powerpoint slides up and some products on display in front. There were many chairs there too and lots of people.

Right there and then, I knew we were given wrong information, totally not what was described to us on the phone by the organizer. Quickly I told bunny to ask the interviewer what this is all about and explained to her what we were here for and what job we were told beforehand(which obviously is not what we were needing to sit and listen to a presentation for) and the interviewer was Hemming and Hawing. Very blur. She couldn't even answer our qns.

In the end, we excused ourselves and told her that we were given the wrong info and we left as quickly as we could.

Turns out, what was in the room earlier on, was on being salesman for some medicinal products. :( And no way was I gonna sit through the entire presentation(god knows how long it'll take to end even and might be 'forced' to stay back and leave our contact details and work for them, unwillingly) especially since it wasn't what we heard about from the organizer. Stupid organizer!

Then bunny was saying that the dumb organizer screwed up the info. Shithead! Wasted our time and cab fare money! Ahhh! Heng I spotted something amiss when we went up. I saw many young girls and guys there and their expression, seemed clueless of what was going on, like how me and bunny were when we sat down. But when we started asking the interviewer what all this was all about, I realised it was all a SHAM!!! A SCAM!!!

A SCAM to make us promote products and earn through commission only!

Tough job. Tough money earned indeed.

Nah, not for me. I don't slog that hard to earn so little.

Neither would I want bunny getting in this line too cos its super duper hard money earned. Especially now economic crisis, who the hell will wana buy such medicinal products?!


Off we went then, to Orchard! Bunny had tickets to the movie Outlander and it seemed interesting, so we went ahead with it :)

Got the tickets, got Ribena, got one mini absolut vodka, and two cheesy sausages.

Went inside the cinema and started mixing the vodka in the Ribena. I think this is the best concoction ever! Haha Both of us could scarcely taste the bitter vodka taste! :D Perfect!

Then we munched on our cheesy sausage and honestly, GV ones are still THE BEST! Lido theatre was where we went and OH MY GOD, the seats there were very...


I don't know but I felt very uneasy sitting in those seats. Somemore below the arm rest, that area, I don't think they bother to clean it up... Not like GV seats so spick and span, and gives a CLEAN feel but Lido seats, really cannot make it.....

The theatre was playing Twilight movie songs from the soundtrack and that made me feel happy:D The Outlander movie took some time before it started so we took a picture to end the day with.

Its unclear cos it was dark heh and yes, we both look damn shagged and tired.. It had been a really long day!

Not 10mins into the movie, Bunny said that this was gonna be a SUPER boring movie.. I HAVE TO AGREE WITH HER ON THAT.

We almost got bored to death while waiting for it to quickly end and all along sitting in my seat, I was wondering why nobody left the cinema yet. It was So DRY and BORING. They talked like 70% of the time and had so little action in it!

Oh not to forget, with dismembered body parts here and there, with blood and gore and heads smashed in, bodies clawed open etc etc, (something like my bloody valentine) was all done by a creature (possibly alien).

I don't think its a nice show. And their acting was so-so..

I give it 1 out of 5 stars. 1 star for the visual effects. The rest cannot make it.


No kidding.

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