♥ Monday, January 05, 2009

||Tried my hand at baking cookies (for the first time!) and it was great!!||

Wheee!!!~ Gonna learn how to bake cookies later! Can't wait! :D I think its gonna be pretty fun later! :D

//p.s.Click CONTINUE READING to view the rest of this IMAGE HEAVY entry!//

Woke up pretty early today and my whole body was aching all over :( My neck area, my shoulder, shoulder blades, my waist, my stomach area, and my legs too! I don't know what's wrong cos I certainly wasn't exercising yesterday but only ate quite a lot.. But this happens sometimes when I have too much to eat and the next day, my stomach area and waist wil feel the muscle aching and feels painful..

Could it be that my body was trying to metabolise all the food at such a rate that it feels as though I had been working out? That's why my muscles ached so much even when I didn't even walk so much too lei.. I hope it will go away later today and hopefully its not The Flu again! Omg its like so hard for me to recover from my flu during christmas and don't tell me I caught the flu bug again?!

Okay nevermind about that so after my shower, I was still feeling sleepy cos really, its so early.. We were supposed to go to Stallion's house around 11am to bake cookies but..still, we were like 1hour late..


Cos I fell back to bed... -.-

One thing that many people are afraid of when they wanna hang out with me ah, is that I will fall back to sleep... Cos when that happens (and most of the time is when I haven't even put on my makeup yet!) it will take forever for me to wake up On My Own... So what I do is ask them to prompt me now and then to 'check' if Im awake or not. Sounds silly but you'll regret it if you dont.. Cos makeup(and im not even talking about the time i wake up and time taken to shower even) takes me around 1hr and to travel to the destination, also another hour, cos its by taking public transport.. So after all the calculations, it'll take me around 3hrs to even reach to my destination...

For example, its like if there's a fire in the house, and Im still so sleepy, I can be jolted out of my sleep to Grab an extinguisher and then I turn around and I see a cosy bed beckoning me to lie on it and since the fire is just a small spark in the kitchen, I would think Aiya, nevermind la.. Small spark only.. Few min won't do any harm.. And So I LIE on the bed and promised myself to get up after a min has passed but in the end, by the time I have awaken, the fire would have burned the whole house down.

So yes, I fell back to sleep after my shower cos the bed was just too comfortable for me to not want to take a 5min nap on it. Turns out, it was well over 5min and even more than that. :/ I immediately texted Bunny to tell her that I fell asleep and that I can only meet her an hour later cos I haven't done my makeup yet..

Put on some powder, blusher, fine tune my eyebrows and thats all I did. No more time for eyeshadow, and curling my lashes and using mascara..

I quickly stepped out of the house and then on the train, she said when I reached somewhere near I would call her.. Turns out I fell asleep and forgot to call her :/ so in the end, I had to alight at the next stop and wait for her to arrive.

While waiting and listening to my music, decided to camwhore for a bit..

Im in my geeky specs!

A couple of trains passed and still, she's nowhere in sight

Finally, Bunny's here! And she brought some Caramel Baileys for me to try too! Its in her pumpkin bottle she got during halloween at toys r us. Cute right? hahaha

Never seen her in this dressup style before and woah, she even brought ray-ban glasses along too! She said its not hers haha.. And I wanted her to put it on so I can see how it looks like on her but she refused! She kept saying that when we reach Stallion's house, then she wear for me to see..

Yea! We boarded the train and alighted soon after! Whee!!! Now we're on the bus! I hope we reach soon..

The bus ride was very very long.. So let's do funny faces! Puff it out and..

Suck it back in!

Let's see the gold watches again! :D

She can't wait to lick the camera lens :p

*poke poke* are ya having fun now? *poke poke some more*

Okay la Im feeling very tired le.. Let's sleep okay?

Bunny snapped me on the sly! See? Such a cheeky face somemore -.-


The Infamous Shot

Yes, we can finally alight the bus le!!! Still, we had to walk quite a distance.. My body was still aching and I wanted to take a cab there when it was like 10-15min walk to her house only.. So we walked on and moments later, we reached! Bunny was Screaming really loudly for Stallion's dog while waiting for her to open the door for us :)

Inside, we settled in and I felt kinda strange cos first time visiting her home some more don't really know her well. She showed us her mom's Karma Sutra chocolate. OMG. See the sexual positions?! Woot.

Here's what the box lid says.
(Click to view bigger picture)

The first thing I noticed in her house was tons of picture frames placed around with pictures of Stallion and her mom. And some were of Stallion herself, with the picture taken by professional photographers. Its like those makeover photoshoots :) And then I came over to the dining table and I saw this!

She made Name holders for each of us and assigned us seats even! OMG! And to think I only see that in western shows where its the kid's birthday and his/her mom will assign the guests their seats with their names on it. I was surprised but in a warm way cos its kinda sweet that I who don't even know her well yet and still, she could do something to make me feel like a part of them.. Altogether there were 4 of us but they 3 know each other very well for like more than half a decade straight! And I, haha I would say like I've only met the other two, Twice?!

Stallion's dog!! I think its called Schnauzer.. Not sure if I spelt it right or not haha

Bunny and the Dog

So tamed and patient hehehe

Steed finally arrived! And Bunny was like trying to Flatten steed's nameholder. Its a 'sarcastic' joke la hahaha

Now that everyone's here, off we go to get the baking ingredients! :D
Steed on the left and Stallion on the right. Their legs remind me of horses I guess? Slim and toned.. *envy envy*

Spent some time shopping in the mart and buying Mixers cos we're gonna be drinking a lil later! Yay!!! Checked out the shopping cart and we're off to have our lunch! This lion head scared me cos it was hanging from the ceiling. Like suddenly appeared out of nowhere when I tilted my head upwards.

I had no appetite and was just very very thirsty.. Wanted to order soup but the foodcourt don't have any that have Soup only.. Told bunny I just drink ice lemon tea can already cos I don't feel like eating. But she insisted I have some food so okay lor I ordered fishball noodles (again..) cos the rest was either too heaty/dry/fried.. Will make my throat even worse and parched. Then we went to the vegetarian stall and I saw this. Its a vegetarian sausage but it looks funny.

Back at the table, this is what it looks like, Diced. Wanted to tell Steed and Stallion about the sausage thing but nah, we decided to drop hints and let them use their imagination Haha!

We hurried back to the house which took like forever.. Like, so far.... And immediately, Stallion got busy in the kitchen. I thought it was a baking lesson thingy but ended up stallion did the Hard job (mixing amounts of floor and icing sugar and eggs etc)

Readymade dough! Its readymade cos the rest of us sat at the dining table to wait for the dough to come to us :) Then steed taught me how to roll the dough and the rolling pin looked very 'ancient' to me. It was just a wooden stick, not those kind of western rolling pin lol

Okay so Steed was happily rolling hers when Stallion came over to check and it turns out, the dough musn't be flattened too thin so she had to redo hers. I was still trying to roll mine so heng i heard it and I made sure it was not too thick either hohoho

Bunny was making names out of cookie dough and Steed was having fun at it

Bunny got a lil playful and kept trying to Poke steed's dough so there are Holes in it!

After many trays of dough sent into the oven, I had almost forgotten to snap a picture of how it looks like after the cookie cutters had shaped them. Got star, teddy bear, hearts, and an elephant. Plus, the traditional cookie shape, circle hehe

Sent that into the oven and let's make some more! :D Its so fun! First time doing this and its not so bad! Quite fun actually and then they were saying about cooking bacon and many other dishes. I always liked watching cooking shows and now Ch 8 tuesdays 8pm has this show where celebrities will cook 3 dishes and 1 soup dish. Its like a competition and there are like 2 expert judges there so can learn quite a lot too on how to prepare food and they even explain like why don't do this way it will make the food overcooked etc etc. :) Also, we started pouring baileys and I brought my Vodka to mix drinks with. We didn't have much only like one cup and Bunny was the first to get all woozy then followed by Steed. Stallion didn't want to drink any alcohol so the rest was for us 3! woohoo!!!

Leona Lewis started singing on mtv and it was Stallion's idol! So she sang too and even like hopped from sofa to sofa and danced! hahaha

Then when we decided to go back to cutting dough shapes, Britney spears was on! The song was Womanizer and I heard of the song but never saw the music video and wah, she really got back in shape man. Just happy for her that she's not That mental anymore. heh

The only difference in the images below is the Tv screen hohoho

Bunny liked britney in this scene, playing as this waitress character. All I liked was the hair color! Dark red! Maybe I'll dye it in that color before chinese new year! :D Still thinking should or not though..

One thing I noticed was that there was no timer used for this baking session 0_0 So how we know if the cookies are cooked? It was all based on Smell. Stallion was always asking us to check the oven haha but after the womanizer show and plus we had a couple of drinks le, everybody just forgot about the cookies! So the earlier batches were just nice while the later batches were either slightly charred or really burnt :/ For me, when i breathe, its more of the time with my mouth (its a habit) so I can't really smell if the cookies are burnt or not.. Somemore, the cookies smell and burnt smell is almost the same lei. I couldn't sniff out much of the difference then haha

This isn't the worst we've seen that day..

I told bunny to do a sexy body and add chocolate chips as the 'boobs' and I chipped in and added the 'thong'. It was really curvy and sexy before entering the oven. Then who knows, the 'sauna' made it fatter than before. Lol

All of us took a break and started playing with the cookies and dough.

Uh huh, I made that cookie :) If it weren't that 'Tanned', I think it could actually suit her skin tone and make it look even more realistic! :p

Im not the only pervert around okay hahaha this one cannot take her eyes off bunny's chocolate chip boobies :p

I thought I was done taking pictures so I let Bunny chew off a bit of the cookie to eat. And when I saw the shape, I couldn't help but continue snapping! :D Since half the side is gone already, of course she's not feeling that happy.. Who'd be happy with just one Boobie?? lol

*Munch munch*

*Feeling at bliss cos she's accepted that its okay to have one boobie left*

And look, now she's got a hat!

And stallion's got a new hairdo!

This is the magic prop-the-head-up stand. Let's you prop your head whenever you want to; wherever you want to!

Bunny says Eee Don't touch my head! *Im Brushing her hair*

Remember I put this batch in earlier? Yea its slightly charred..

Take a look closely, amongst all my other cookies, I don't know why this looks like Sand cookies. Imagine wetting a bit of sand? You get this color and a lil of this grainy texture.. hahhaa

Teddy bear

Elephant (i thought it was a rhino at first but when I look at the pictures I took, i finally see its trunk!)


Round cookie

Starting to clear up and this tray is filled with really burnt cookies.. Cannot be eaten liao..

After washing everything up, we watched MTV and it was almost 7pm. We headed out to get some instant noodles. We bought only one pack and cooked all 5. It was mee poh dry noodles but when I tried mine, it was like normal noodles? Maybe must eat it when its Very very hot.. It gets cold so easily.. :( And it tastes not so good when its cold :( It was almost 8 when we had finished cooking and I wanted to watch the last episode of The Little Nonya on Ch 8 cos they are gonna be playing 2episodes at one go so we watched together :)

During advertisement, we camwhored a bit :)

The cushions were so soft!

While watching the show, there was this part where Yueniang was on the railway tracks and talking to Chenxi and when she left the tracks, she Exited the scene. Remember that? Then suddenly I just said Oh Look! She's going to run into the bushes to hide and ride her Motorbike back to her house! And everyone was just laughing away haha

Bunny said we all were spoilers.. A good show can let us make it sound so comedy like etc.. :p

Sadly before we left, we had to throw so many cookies away..

The show ended and so did we. Exchanged goodbyes and we waited for the bus. Then I looked at bunny's sunglasses and said to her why she never wear in the house! She said she forgot all about it. Eh, so did i. So I made her wear it! :D

On the bus, steed alighted first so left bunny and me.. The bus ride seemed to take forever.. We both fell asleep on the bus and everytime i woke up suddenly, I was so worried we'd miss out stop! Cos bunny's the only one who knows where to alight and its so dark outside..Couldn't tell.. I think i woke up many times to ask her if we're supposed to alight now.. Hahaha but luckily, at the last time i woke up, it was time for us to get off the bus! Yay!

Back at home, here's my cookies! I immediately ate like 8 of them at one go:) Very hard to resist hehehe somemore, I made these lei! Of course they are yummy! :D

Two containers filled with it! Yippeee! Think after one week, they'd be empty :p

Okay and its time for me to get to bed. Will try to update more soon. :)

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