♥ Sunday, January 11, 2009


Maybe I should just keep my mouth shut for good.

This is wrong, that is also wrong.

Seems like nothing I ever do is Ever Right.

Tried to say my piece but ended up getting misinterpreted.

And to think this only happens with a dropped call where the receiver at the other end is unable to make out what you're saying due to poor cellphone receptions but no.

This happened even when everything was written clear.

I don't get it.

They say its safe to share with people you trust, with whatever you want to express to them and even the bluest of emotions or reddest of emotions, its A-Okay.


In the end, everything gets misinterpreted so much that what's untrue transforms as though its true.

Just like how cops in the movies try to interrogate a suspect when actually, the suspect's purely innocent and done nothing at all of what the cops have been accusing.

Im gonna talk less and share less from now on.

Its good to keep an open mind therefore whatever shit and crap that comes my way, I can handle it but I guess Im the only one who has an open mind.

I lose my temper easily and feel blue easily.

To counter that, I accept and expect that whatever good or the worst the bad may get, at least I can handle it and not just let my emotions run loose.

So sometimes its good to be a Pessimist.

If I stopped predicting, I would really wonder why Im still alive and breathing.

Its so easy to die but how many has the guts to do it?

Maybe until when the pressure snaps our sane minds, will that emotion override our guts and bring us closer to eternal bliss - Death.

If living can't attain true bliss, then maybe death holds the answer to that.

Free from all the pain and suffering of this world.

No matter how hard I put in effort to make things work out right, its still Never Enough.

Why don't you just grab me at the collar and shake me loose till my head drops off?

I didn't use to put much effort into things thats why everything always goes awry.

Now I put in all my blood and sweat and heart and soul and effort into everything that I do, I still get misunderstood in the end.

Kill me please.

Give me a swift death so that I can't feel the pain.

Damn right this idiom is right; Please all and you Please none.

I can't please everybody.

Why can't everybody please me instead?

I realise that Im always looking out for Everyone but then since when Anybody's been looking out for me?

And in the end, whatever I do gets unappreciated.

Efforts were put in but results still stayed the same.

Here, you got a gun?

I'll give you a bullet.

Just shoot me at my temple.

Release me from all this suffering.

First came the bills and money problems, then this, what's next?

That's why sometimes I don't even wanna wake up from my sleep.

I just want to sleep for as long as I can, even if it means being in my slumber for 13hrs straight.

Precisely cos the moment I do, I get shit thrown at me at every waking moment and there's no avoiding it unless Im asleep.

Cos then its like im dead to the world.

Studies have shown people who sleep a lot, suffers from depression.

That its a form of escapism from reality.

But really now, what do these scientists know?

For all you know they haven't slept in ages and just come up with that theory so people can lose sleep like them, and stay awake, for longer.

Okay Im just kidding about that part.

Time to keep my miseries to myself and share it with no one.

That way, nobody will misunderstand me anymore.

Sometimes emotions like these makes us go to the extremes of even planning out the extreme escape from life. But no, Im here to live really really long, whether I like it or not. My palm lines have said it all.

I can't die unless I have the will to.


Right now, I have the will to just go to sleep and pray that it'll be all better when I wake up.

Its 456am now.

Time for bed.

Goodnight world.
i bleed; therefore i am {04:12}

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