♥ Tuesday, December 02, 2008

||My visitor stats finally hit 10,000!!!!||

Woohoo! Im so happy! So I checked my blog today to see if there were any new msgs on my tagboard (and nope, there wasn't any today..) and WOW, my visitor stats is right on the dot at 10,000!!!

10k visitor count is like WOAH! That's really high!

So happy :D


Hung out with Bunny and her besties today. I felt REALLY weirded out. So awkward.. Erm.. But well, all turned out well :) Not too bad haha and I snapped loads of pictures! See when i have finished resizing past outing pictures then I'll come to this one. I need to work fast on that man! 4GB worth of pictures and videos combined.. Oh god. Im really a goddamn camwhore! :D:D:D Ain't nobody gonna beat that ;)


Im in a dilemma. Economy so bad now. What should I do? Study, or Work? Need to plan for next yr. If I were to further my studies, I have to take a Bank loan. Now economy so bad, the exchange rates for school fees might have increased/changed in amount plus, if I were to take a bank loan, the interest rates might increase so by the time I graduate, I would have to


just to pay off the bank loan debt + interest amount... :(

I don't wanna be a Workaholic in a Zombie working environment. I like hands on jobs.. More fun. More interesting. More interactive. More exciting. Oh and did I mention that its More Fun? While those normal day to day jobs might make me snooze halfway at work.. But if im kept busy at those Hands on job, where got time for me to snooze off ? (due to boredom)

Does how smart you are really matter in this world? Yea I guess so. Status and ranking also seems very important in this working world especially if you get into a company full of politics and backstabbers. Maybe its cos right now I don't see that I can be an accomplished person in the position Im seeing myself in. Plus, I have no interest in those kind of company jobs unless there's something more that appeals to me very much. But right now, all I can say is, Im too young to work in a drop dead boring company job.

Im not saying that all company jobs are like that but its cos i've tried before thats why I know? And as for the other kind of jobs which are hands on and what Im interested in, it may seem to not be long lasting in assuring me a steady future and retirement but its what Im interested in and don't we always say to Live for the Moment and Harbour no Regrets?

I don't wanna have regrets. Maybe I should strive to work towards what Im interested in and give it a shot. If all else fails, maybe then the economy for everyone would have picked up well and I could try further my studies again. I don't know. It seems pretty nice to have books in my hands again and really studying for real, with calculators and files.. But then at the end of the whole thing, how would I be able to pay off the hefty bank loan?? Sure its easy to say Work ultra hard in school, then come out to fight for a good position in a Good company but then, Im not really the sort who is That Ambitious.

We shall see.. Sent out a few job resumes. Wonder if this time I would really be secured with a good job.

However, if somehow along the way, I found a Really good reason to further my studies, then I will Straight away, without Anymore hesitation, Head for it. As for now, I don't have anything/any good reason in my life currently, to vie for a place in the school. At first, everyone around me seems to have a Degree(or determined to get a degree) and I didn't want to be the only person left out and my other reason was that its better to have a Degree, to polish myself up even better and to learn a lil bit more of New things, rather than having none and be under everyone's thumb.

Those were my reasons then but now the economy has changed, everything's getting harder and poorer and messier and that has made me changed my direction in life to pursue a degree..

Call me fickle minded or gal with her head in the clouds but that's just Who I am. My palm lines has already showed that Im not one who's a workaholic/work a lot anyway so I guess its fate that Im not gonna be doing anything great(ambitious/careerminded) in the future heh.

What's really ticking in my head now is, I need money, lots and lots of it. Im not ultra materialistic (not yet at least bah..-.-) but its really nice to know that you still have savings that's sufficient enough to last u all ur expenditures and still have More than enough to bide you by.. I don't like the feeling of being poor and having to be ultra thrifty again like I was before..

Now its nearing xmas.. AND NEARING MY BDAY TOO.. which means, lots of nice cosmetics/skincare giftsets and at good prices packaged all in one small price to pay for lots of its bestselling items. Then is it wrong of me to splurge on these when at Normal times(non holiday season) im actually forking out more $$$ when I could get them at a 'discount' right now? Come to think of it, Im kinda saving more money lei.. on giftsets/bestsellers sold at a discount... I may have only one face but I don't like to have lack of any items.. And already Im eyeing A Lot.. But that doesn't mean I stock up on these products either.. Just that now's a good opportunity to splurge on such things so how can I be Thrifty this month???? See what i mean?

I just hope I get a nice hands on job soon. Really soon and quickly get more money so I can buy the things I desire all along..

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