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||An unexpected surprise and this time, it comes in a T & Co. box!!!||

07/11/08 Friday

This bowl.. Is so filling.. Sigh.. I shouldn't have been so greedy.. I had this last night for dinner.. And nothing much happened today...

Had a quarrel with Bunny over some trivial stuff like asking her to help me buy Shu Uemura eyelash curler cos she was out and she said sure but in the end, somehow, her schedule led her to not get it for me at all. I was very disapppointed cos if people promise you something, they should do it and not let it slip their mind. Makes you feel how 'little' you are in the other person's mind if they did forget. And that's how I felt.. Didn't know what to say, left some harsh words for her and then I felt really shitty inside and felt like drinking(it was very late at night) but in the end, I did not. It was a misunderstanding and we cleared things up. :)


08/11/08 Saturday
//p.s. click CONTINUE READING to view the rest of this IMAGE HEAVY entry:)//


I was late. As usual. Better late than never as I always say. But Bunny thought of an even better one; Always late but worth the wait. - Woo, that sounds even better :)

And its not like I want to be late.. But no matter how I rush, the time always passes so fast. Also, I guess I was spending all the time on putting my face makeup cos.. its not like im born with flawless skin or what thats why.. So well, we were supposed to meet for lunch, Pizza Hut, but we headed to DFS galleria instead. :) Cos I wanted to take a "Quick" peek there if the Absolut Vodka Xmas Limited Edition 2008 bottle is on display, along with the other Limited Edition range there.. A few from Absolut vodka are already out so I was damn eager to go there plus, check out the branded boutiques :D

We crossed a few roads and there were a few westerners who 'parked' by the traffic light and were Filming! They were filming the pedestrians walking to their side and I don't know what but i guess it could be a film class cos there were only like 3 people tending to the big camera and filming? Haha

Alright! We finally reached so we went in! But everything looked weird, many people were queuing up and goodness, where are the boutiques?

We walked all around and realised, we were at the wrong side of DFS. Turns out, it was next door instead... -.-" So we went out and quickly passed by the alcohol section. To our disappointment, they do not carry any limited edition bottles on display there and unless you own a DFS card, only tourists can get them.. And DFS card are available only to the really Rich and High Class Society. That's from what I heard.

So nevermind, we went up, and I wanted to see the cosmetic department. The xmas collections were not bad! But a little boring.. Nothing special. I saw collections that were like 5mths ago still there? Hmm.. Cool thing is, some of it gave free gifts la like bags or pouches and I was really tempted to splurge on a few particular brands just so I could get their free gift but luckily Bunny stopped me and she said some of the items looked really like shit. She mentioned the YSL white bag that was on display looked really shitty lol And she said she hated Dior items. WHY??!?!?! Dior is not bad what and she said that she's just prejudiced against that brand even though she has never come across it before. I really wonder.. What the hell has Dior done to her man, to make her detest it so much?! 0_0

After browsing through and gathering a few perfumed sheets, I decided to throw it all away. They smelled horrible like a bunch of marker pens together.. The SA there sprayed for us to try. The bottles looked gorgeous! But then, the scent was like.. Eewww.. Anyhow, we walked over to the MAC counter, I wanted to see their Mac cosmetic traincase again but too bad, it wasn't there.. Oh and, DFS, don't give out makeup samples cos I was interested in Lancome compact powders but they don't have any samples for me to try out first. So sad.

We moved on to the next level, and went into Gucci, Lv, Prada, and Fendi stores there.. I asked a hell lot of qns there and saw quite a few nice things. Maybe I'll put them in my bday wishlist :)

Then there were nice sofas at the xmas display here so we sat down! And it was around 530pm by the time I finished looking at all my stuffs.. I think when we met up, it was already 315pm and we skipped lunch.. Well, bunny was feeling moody today and the fact that I wanted to see my things and not go to eat yet(i think i've eaten too much the past few days so I seriously need to eat lesser liao..) made her kinda unhappy?

See? She don't even wanna look in the camera and camwhore with me...

Okay finally after much coaching, she finally turned to the camera.. -.-

This reminds me of glass flowers :p

One thing about her, she like to jab my shoulders and she said its like 'Punchable'... -.- I told her cannot punch cos later I will get arthritis/rheumatism then my 'jabbed' area will ache. Last night it was aching and i didn't know if it was cos I was wearing sleeveless and had the fan blowing at the shoulder all night long.. :/ It was cold but I was lazy to bother about it cos I was using the comp.. Okay back to the jabbing thing. So In told her if she jab one more time, I will pinch her "Moo Moo"(she said that I cannot say the NN word so I said Moo Moo instead) lol and thats why she was trying to flinch from my pinch below :p

Next stop, Tiffany & Co.! I can't wait!

One last shot at the red sofa before we set off!

At the Tiffany & Co. boutique, I tried on the heart tag necklace again and this time, the medium sized one cos I tried the small one at the other Tiffany outlet and I realised it was not bad so I wonder if this medium will suit better and I tried on, asked many qns, was 99% close to getting it right there and then! But it was just sterling silver and not white gold. What was on my mind the whole time in the shop, was if I could get the heart tag only and then purchase a White Gold necklace chain elsewhere (from gucci/other jewellery shop) then at least it might not snap so easily? The tiffany small heart tag chain was very tiny and fine and W mentioned before it might snap since it looks so fragile too.. That made me think quite a bit. Bunny was getting impatient.. So.. I didn't get it.

Off to far east instead! While walking, I asked if she was hungry and she said she had no appetite already.. She said that sometimes she will get very hungry until a certain time then she won't feel hungry already. 0.o Okay so I apologized then she told me she wasn't really feeling well today thats why like that.. Then when we reached far east, she said she's not hungry so I asked where was the train case she saw at the basement.. She brought me to Inuovi but the train case was not tiered. It was those that u have to Manually lift up the sections by hand and looked so0 troublesome and costly so we walked on. Then I spotted a traincase from afar! It was on the top shelf. And last time, Bunny was 'suaning' me (being sarcastic about my height) by saying that Short people can only see so much. -.- And that short people always look up and tall people always look down. Then I replied her, Ya, short people can always see the things tall people cannot lo!(which is true since many of the awesome things I saw were all not so easy to see but I spotted it very quickly and she would still be looking EVERYWHERE..) I asked the SA to show me and i saw 2 that were not bad but the tiers seemed flimsy and had been exposed to many customers and oh god, the outside of the tier boxes looked kinda worn off.

Plus, the interior was those grooved plastic ridges.. I don't like. Very hard to clean off in the long run thats why I was looking for one that has smooth plastic ridges instead, like what the Mac train case has.. The SA quoted me a price and we went to the upper levels. I needed to check out the other shops if they carry it or not.

Then, we passed by this shop, there was only one person tending to the shop and it was a guy who didn't look like the boss but maybe the business partner there.. I saw the train case, and he quoted all the train case on a 20% discount for me. I was happy and I asked more qns if its durable enough or not and blah blah until the shop lady came back. Then he passed me to her. So okay, I checked out the train cases I was interested in..

I asked if there were new train cases as I don't like buying the display (god knows how many germs and bacteria and many people who have touched it and I always like my things new and untouched. ) cos its dirty. Firstly, I have no idea how long it has been on display and the amount of dirt and bacteria it could have plus, its like buying secondhand why? Cos Im guessing most shoppers, they will handle display sets roughly and have tested this train case out so If i get this, its gonna break down pretty soon and I don't like paying so much for something that's already used and handled. The lady quoted me a discount and I expressed interest in it if I bought it on the spot and goddamit, she gave me 10% discount! The guy gave me 20% and I raised my voice to ask for the discount cos the guy already quoted me that but NO, she refused to give and even verified with the guy in front of me and the guy just said yes to whatever the shop lady said. So there goes my 20% discount. I was very pissed off so I didn't buy. What a 2 headed snake b*tch.

I left the shop feeling very empty inside. I had planned to get a traincase today and i just very angry that I didn't get to buy it. We walked off and I remember there was another shop that might have these so we headed there.

I was complaining to Bunny about the shop lady. Argh. But somehow this shot turned out pretty nice :)

In the end, I didn't buy any train case at all. So frustrating! Its like im itching to get one cos I've put this on hold for very long and now I wana get one, cannot find a suitable one.. I was so close to just getting it from the two headed snake (shop lady) but then the interior grooves turned me off greatly.. Went back down to the basement to get something to drink.

This is what she ordered. Hot chocolate..

And I ordered these to share with her.. I didn't have any food the whole day mind u and it was like 630pm.. She had no appetite and besides, her frens were gonna pop by so I was planning to make myself scarce for a while when that happens..

She was moody. She wanted ice cream but haha she can't have it.. And it so turns out that her frens just finished work and were dining at a sushi restaurant. Damn. If only they said earlier, Bunny and I could have dined at somewhere better! And not having sandwich now.... -.-

She had one slice of the sandwich and stopped.. She was not hungry already.. Then she asked if I wanted to see what she had in her bag. I said okay and slightly curious what was it but she kept repeating and asking me so I was quite afraid it could be a tarantula or what 0_0 then I said I want to see (and praying its not something scary) and I was waiting for her to show me and munching on my bread and people watching, but in the end, she didn't show me at all.. And it slowly slipped my mind too.. Lol

She took up her iphone and at first I thought she was msging her frens but then I grew suspicious of it since a long while has passed and still her iphone was held upright -.- Then i asked if she had been all along taking my pics and she said YES. Omg. And now I post up all my unglam shots for all of you to see.. Hahahah. Come, laugh with me! Wahahaha~

Okay la after that, the time was slowly ticking to 8pm+. Damnit and still no news from her frens. I was getting impatient as we were slowly losing precious time.. I had wanted to have a proper dinner but her frens still haven't contacted her and if wait any longer, all the food eateries would have closed already! So I asked her to double check where her frens are and turns out, by the time she finished talking, we were far from where she had intially wanted to meet them at and cancelled the meet with them in the end..

We were at Tangs already and it was late liao.. I wanted to see the Mac train case again to see if its worth buying cos its $498 and turns out, the base was very shallow. Cannot put my face moisturisors and creams. So I lost interest in getting that too..

Then I saw Chanel! Again, I went to try my luck at getting samples again :) Cos the last time I went to get samples, many colors weren't available for the Mat lumiere face powder and I got a yellow toned powder instead which made me look very yellow and I didn't like it. So over here, I also asked which liquid foundation is good in terms of coverage and oil control and she mentioned that Mat lumiere suits what Im looking for plus Teint innocence (but its very very drying). Then I asked about compact powder colors and so she tried them on my jawline!

Applying the powder on me.. But of course, she did remove my jawline makeup first with the Chanel Rose toner.. I bought that long ago and its left chucked aside half full still cos I felt it didn't do much for my skin so I tried others..

Having fun at the cosmetic counter & I feel like a star! Oh and the Chanel lights could change into many different colors! That's neat! :D

Finally got a sample to try at least but they only had the fairest and darkest shade so no choice, I took the lighter shade to try... Even if it cannot suit my skin color, it can at least be used to cover my dark eyecircles ;)

After that, we headed to lucky plaza where Bunny could finally show me the shop that sells samples and yes! i got my chanel Mat lumiere powder finally! And at a discount too! :D Great!

Then made our way to Paragon!!! Gucci paragon! :D I fell in love with a few wallets and a really big bag there! Especially the big bag! Really gorgeous.. Can put many things inside, and can act like a sports bag :p But this is not the one. If I really do get that bag Im eyeing for, I will definitely take pics and show u all :p But first, wallets are on my top list.. My birthday is coming.. Still deciding which should I choose :p

We stayed in the gucci shop until they were closing up! Quickly we exited ourselves and saw this pretty sight!

Behind us was the xmas tree!

Some display in paragon.. Made us look weird.. Especially me..

This reminded me of America's Next Top model haha

Still, we have not had any proper dinner! So we headed to the basement and wow, they were already selling christmas items..

Settled on Delifrance instead

This drink is name as Rouge.. I think

Oh and then she asked me again if I wanted to see what she had in her bag.. She kept saying "So, I take it out ah?" And I said "Eh. Ya.. What is it you want to show me?? So weird"

And out came her bag, a Tiffany & co. shopping bag! OMG!!!!! Okay I was surprised but I didn't know if she took out to show off to me or not that she bought that for herself and it didn't occur to me that it was meant for me.. And when she said it was meant for me, I was so so happy inside!! Many thoughts ran through my mind like, how she know I wanted this since I didn't tell her and how she found the time to get it especially when I was with her throughout the whole day then I asked her if it was my bday gift and she just shrugged her shoulders and I asked again and again then she said no.. So.. that means.. I'll be receiving another gift from her for my bday! Yay!! Okay I will be anticipating it! :D Wonder what that might be :p

I kept asking her if its really for me cos its pricey and its $185 and I dare not open the box yet then she said its really for me and I was like OMG, no gal has ever given me a expensive gift like this for me before.. Not to mention, its jewellery.. First time Im receiving jewellery from a gal.. Oh yes, thank you Bunnny!!!!

Im so happy I could die~

Okok so I kept the necklace safely and packed it back in the paper and waited for the food to come.. I was so engrossed with the present that I didn't touch my drink even when I was so darn thirsty.. haha

Okay then my soup arrived and Bunny asked if it was Bitter cos she don't like bitter mushroom soup 0_0 And I said its okay, and let her taste it but she didn't want that..

Pizza came as well! But do not be deceived by the melted cheese. And as I've said, its MELTED cheese which has been kept out of the oven for quite a while and has cooled down! Argh! Cold pizza! :( grrrrr

Damn the plates were wet!

The Pineapple Digger!

I kept eating the pizza and I only had 2 slices and I stopped. It was too cold and unappetizing.. As for her, she also didn't eat much..

Usually, I can stomach cold pizzas cos sometimes there's leftover pizza in the fridge, Im too lazy to eat it up so I would eat it cold most of the time.. But this is outside, in a restaurant, and they serve me cold pizza?! That's really a huge turn off. They were closing up too thats why like no point asking them to heat it up. Scully become as hard as STONE. The crust were already so stiff and cannot break.. Think if I chew off all the crust, my teeth will break.

Settled the bill and yes one more thing I wanna highlight, their so called parmesan cheese in the bottle, was actually grated Cheddar cheese! you know how cheddar cheese harden if its left in the open exposed to air? And its damn unhygienic la..grated cheddar cheese.. If its powder parmesan, still okay you know but cheddar cheese is those big blocks that u cut and then have to immediately store in the fridge.. and they actually left this out in the open..

Enough of Delifrance. Left it and walked around..

Im one happy little girl :p

Hahaha I spotted this lips phone and I remember SW last time bought over from a online seller but it was red color and she told me after a short while, the phone cord spoilt inside. Wasted her money. So people, don't buy this phone. It spoils Really fast but its good as a display ornament though

And i've got pussy lips too! Buy aiya, Bunny didn't bring out Pussy Lips, her plushie.. Lol If not can take 'family picture' haha

Oops, left out the video, here it is! :D Hehe Me playing with the Pussy Lips phone!

We headed upstairs and I saw Metro! So I was very eager to see if they have Shu uemura counters there to get my eyelash curler (like finally) and they have! plus it was on a 20% discount sale! :D Woot!

Honestly, I don't know what I was doing here...

Here's the picture of the day.

Took these at the taxi stand hahaha and we left for home..

Now, I can show you what I got today! Oh and at the lucky plaza shop, my Mat lumiere samples were being sold for $7 each! OMG! That's daylight robbery! Especially when I got mine at $0, Free! The big chanel mat lumiere compact at Chanel counters costed $81 but over here, it costs only $72 and the manufacturing date was this yr so not too bad.. Many people were raving on its matt control and high coverage functions plus its a 2way cake so after trying out the mat lumiere sample today, I felt it was not bad thats why I went to buy..

:D I bought the big chanel compact also becos it comes in a velvet case too! Yippee!

Now I present to you my pricey gift! :D

There you have it.. Tiffany heart tag necklace.. Simply gorgeous..

Here's my tiffany & co necklace collection! Now I have one big heart tag necklace(I got this for myself, with My own money) and one small heart tag necklace(given to me as a gift)! :D

And the next couple of photos are gonna be about me camwhoring with my T & Co. necklace so if you can't take narcississm, my entry shall stop here for you and you can feel free to leave :)

This ends the entry for the saturday outing haha And there's MORE to come up.. ;) Been editing the pics till morning and typing this entry out, I did not sleep a wink, yet. So now, I shall say Hello to my lovely bed and bid ya all Good night Day!


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