♥ Monday, October 06, 2008

||What a crazy day!||

Today's the day I remove my gum stitches, like finally! Really nervous cos my gum is still swollen and gosh, there's like Gunk filled in between the stitched 0_0 Can't brush there too cos its still healing and tender..

Headed down to see the dentist and luckily he was attending to a client then cos I was 10mins late! The app was at 12noon. He's quite strict on punctuality.. So afterwards, he tended to me and I asked if its NORMAL for my left side to still hurt a little when pressed lightly and he said yes and that the wound would heal completely in 2months or so and the gums will slowly 'puff' up and fill up the 'hollow' from the extracted area..

So okay, other than that, he said my wound is healing pretty fine and gosh when they sprayed the 'Water Gun' at my mouth, it hurt a little.. Oh and another thing freaky was that when he was removing my stitches halfway, he told the nurse to pass him a Curved scissors next time cos Straight scissors can't reach to the other corners of the gum to remove the thread 0_0 No wonder this time round it hurt! Cos the dentist was using the Straight Scissors that the noobie nurse gave to him!

After everything, msged Sharon. Asked what time we're meeting with Christina later and she said she might be able to finish her work and meet me first.. So cool, its about 1pm now and I decided to look for something to eat. Now that my stitches are gone, its SO much easier to eat without worrying the thread is gonna pull while i unknowingly stretch my mouth muscles while chewing food..

Decided to settle on Mos burger.. My pathetic lunch all alone.. Decided to try out their vanilla milkshake this time.. It was pretty thick..lol And yes, Fish Burger again.. Cos other flavours seems to look unappetizing to me :p

Think I dragged and slacked here till 230pm..and still no news from Sharon.. Decided to go collect my other things.. And after everything, it was around 4pm and no news too so I went home to put all the stuffs.. Waiting still.. From 1pm wait until now.. Tired.. Moody.. About to rain liao and Im feeling very sleepy..

Nothing to do so I went to edit pics and configure my phone with music and the transfer was pretty slow.. Afterwards, sharon and christina both arrived at Ang Mo Kio mrt.. They going for their Class.. It was about 6pm and I managed to get on mrt. Thing is, we agreed to meet at that time but I was late due to unforseen circumstances and even so, I still took mrt from the east, all the way to Ang Mo Kio! Bloody hell thats a hell lot of stops and guess what? Along the way, Christina and I were msging and suddenly her msg turned 'unfeeling' when I reached Newton Mrt. She said they both went in le and will be one hour later when class ends.

I flared up cos Christina's msg ended like: "Around one hour. Bye." When I saw that, I just felt very angry.. Like even though I know I made them wait for like, an hour, but hey, at least they got EACH OTHER to chit chat with while waiting but for me, I was ALONE all the way, WAITING, since 1pm onwards till now for then to finish their work and now, Im stuck on the train Waiting, Alone somemore! I felt like they were purposely doing that to spite me..

Fuck. I was Halfway there and we were supposed to go together.. But they went off first. Then they were telling me wait at mrt station. Hello, one hour?! What the heck am I gonna do in that goddamn forsaken Ang Mo Kio MRT? Its Christina's domain, not mine and I Don't like getting lost. I couldn't think of any shopping mal nearby ang mo kio (never travel there before) and I was so fed-up that one stop from Ang Mo Kio, I alighted at Bishan MRT. Was very very pissed off.

Then I replied them a blunt(straightforward) msg that if want to meet later, meet and if don't want, tell me now, then I will go home. Waste Nobody's Time. They didn't reply. I guessed they were busy. I was prepared to take a train ALL THE WAY BACK to the east..... Very turned off and anti climax liao.. No mood to do anything but quite thirsty & hungry cos it was dinner time.. Then I decided to WAIT for them in Bugis. Decided to give them another chance but if 45mins later, they didn't contact me or what, I will make my way home. I was so pissed that this sentence kept showing up in my head:

"Damn, kenna fucked up by them. Double-fucked. Sianz.."

I tried to cool down and yes, I took a train ALL THE WAY back, to bugis mrt. Alighted, felt a little better but still bitter inside. Walked around and hey, Sharon called me! Finally...

I answered and I realised that it was a misunderstanding.. Moreover, we cleared up the Bad Air and I heard christina giggling in the background while talking to sharon about where I would meet them and thats when I knew that they weren't bearing any grudges at me for being late plus they were just practically fine and not in any angry mood.. So I had mistaken that sms for a Sarcastic one.. Then onseeing that they weren't carrying any 'black face', it wouldn't make any sense for me to keep my 'black face' either and ruin anyone's day so I tried to calm down and be back to normal mood.. Thank god my mood could change for the better if not everyone's gonna be 'contaminated' by my foul mood..

Walked around, and I called them again asking what they'd like to eat.. I wanted Sakae Sushi cos I love the sashimi but Christina is allergic to Raw fish so cannot. Then both of them wanted something not so fattening but funny thing was, Sharon wanted to eat Long John Silver and Christina wanted to have KFC!! All fattening!! Except my sushi.. hahaha

In the end, we settled on this.. We thought it was Seafood Harvest but its just some chinese eatery..
(Click to enlarge image)

Afterwards, it was like 930pm or so? Quite late and I was full and didn't have any shopping mood then.. Cos they both wanted to go bugis street to shop and I was thinking in my head, there got any nice clothes to see and I was imagining the second level shops there and other shops that last time SW & W they all brought me to.. And nope, nothing to buy.. Shopping for clothes is like a chore for me... So many varieties, not sure what is Trendy and what is Auntie looking or will not suit me.. Thats why I kinda dread shopping for clothes.. Even if want, must go with friends if not I sure get conned or buy a lot of 'junk' clothes.. Cannot be worn cos its so terrible that even a maid have better fashion sense than me 0.o

Still, they coaxed me and okay, I agreed to go.. Oh and Sharon brought her dog along! So cute! But poor dog, could only watch us eat and shop and cannot drink water or poopoo.. So christina brought us to this lane.. i never been in this lane before and woah, I bought 2 new tops and a belt! Whee! Happy! Guess i got infected by their happy shopper virus :) Oh and while Sharon was looking at clothes, her dog's head peeked out from the bag and as sharon turned, the dog's tongue also 'licked' the clothes.. Cos the dog stuck the tongue out (thirsty I guess) hahah..

Got this top and belt! Cheap!

After shopping we headed back to Bugis and I stopped by Mcdonalds!! New toys are up but I didn't know what! I saw powerpuff Blossom so I went in and OMG, they have this:

Blooregard Q.Kazoo!!!!
From Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends on Cartoon Network! Love the cartoon so much!!! :D:D

It's magnetic but I don't know for what! To 'modify' with the other toy characters??


Reached home quite late and then I couldn't get to sleep so I tried a new concoction! If you're keen, you can view my other entry on my other Concoction that's GONE WRONG.

This is what people do at 4am in the morning when they can't sleep.. They play with their drinks..

Pretty pink! Tasted not bad only if I added enough strawberry milk to make it taste sweeter~

As for this, I bought it one day before my surgery, thinking of enjoying this then, as my last meal but after paying for it, I realised that hey, alcohol will make me bleed more then all the chinese herbs I've taken to stop bleeding that much will not work already! So okay I kept this can until today! Tried it and it tastes like tiger beer but just a little milder :)

Next, this sat might be going haircut with SW they all but don't know if they choosing the stylist W goes to cos she's relocated to a neighbourhood salon so its going to be a lil tough to locate on my own.. Grr..

I hope I don't get double-fucked by SW and SX... :(

P.S. I don't understand why Im getting so easily affected with short temperedness and mood swings now when all along I can control my emotions well.. I guess maybe its due to the painkillers, or simply that that time of the month is coming very soon.. If I ever scared anyone with my short temperedness, Im sorry(this goes to all my frens) but I can't help much.. Its a female hormone thing.. Haha...

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