♥ Friday, September 19, 2008

||These bloody school signboards needs a REVAMP! Follow it and you'll walk in CIRCLES!||


Past few days been helping bleeding beauty with her html coding haha and finally taught her how to do animation files! :D Always said I wanted to teach her how last time but when I tried to type out the steps and post screenshots on what to do, it was so tedious and hard to make it understandable.. So since she was on the phone with me, I tried my luck to teach her over the phone. Machiam like crash course into html learning like that :p

Haha plus we'd chat for like 3hrs straight? Thats really long eh haha haven't had a chat lasting this long in a very long time! Ahah! The last time I had such a long chat was like, half a decade ago?! :p Oh oh and I came to realise that she didn't like to do html codings cos its quite troublesome and one step wrong, would result in a whole series of mess.. And what I taught her, she wrote down in her computer notepad step by step..

She was using Mozilla firefox BUT, it isn't a good browser to use when doing html editing/codings cos some codes the firefox browser cannot detect.. Even thought the webpage may load freaking fast than internet explorer, still, its not good browser.. To me bah.. =x And more than 70% in the world is using the traditional internet explorer (like me!) so if want to do coding, its best to switch between the two browsers to double check if both are viewable.. I came to know of another web browser too and its called Opera but nah, I can't care less bout that cos its like so new to me.. (i don't even wana go anywhere near that)

Then we chat about skincare and beauty till like 350am (i still can remember cos I was in the kitchen then..rummaging the fridge for something to eat..)and wow, im quite tempted to try the chanel liquid foundation, the chanel black compact and also, the clearasil blue tube. Haven't got a chance to head to watsons and chanel stores to check them out.. :/ Plus this month quite broke.. Argh. Im still thinking if I should go work or study so anyways, I still need to get brochures from SIM later..


Bunny gave me a wakeup call early in the morning. We had arranged to go have Mcbreakfast together!! I was feeling sluggish in bed but I still managed to get up.. Surfed the internet for a bit but I felt kinda unwell since when I got out of bed.. Like my stomach was very empty and when I drank a bit of water (without any food) i felt like puking.. 0_0 It was as though I was having gastric or something? I don't know.. I don't usually get gastric.. And I also felt like I was gonna faint or something, like the last time I had an anxiety attack.. it was so bad I could barely breathe and felt really faint even when walking a few steps..

Early this morning, I had a little bit of bread Before I went to sleep so it can't be that my stomach was 'empty' right?? I had only 2 to 4hrs of sleep only and well, I decided to eat a bit of cornflakes.. I quickly scooped one small handful of it (without milk) cos I was running out of time! Haven't even showered yet..

After gobbling up everything fast, I had my shower and thank goodness I felt a little better.. I showered using cold water and slightly lukewarm water this time.. Cos the very warm water made me feel even more faint and uncomfortabe :( Bunny then texted me and I told her that I was feeling unwell and felt like throwing up.. Then she replied to me if drinking chicken essence will make me feel better and she said she can bring for me..(cos i don't have these at home..)

I was halfway through my makeup then and i replied her, "I don't want chicken essence.. i wan bird's nest can..? :)" cos, she has them at home. Her mum dotes on her so buy alot? Well, I was just joking with her you know cos bird's nest is bloody expensive..even I cannot afford, much less able to get a taste of it even..

I wasn't expecting much but I quickly went out of the house and made my way to meet her.. I arrived first but well, she was already READY to leave the house like an hour plus ago.. Cos everytime I would be so late and she would be waiting very long for my arrival.. -.0 (so sorry for that) So I suggested that when I DO step out of the goddamn house, I will text her for her to leave her house.. That way she won't have to wait so long for me.. :)

When I reached, it was close to noon time.. NO MORE MCBREAKFAST! :( So sad.. Missed it again...argh...

I loitered around and finally she arrived. We decided to have lunch at Mos burger instead cos everywhere else were like so crowded.. The last time we had mos burger, I knocked my cup of clam chowder all over the floor :( Hopefully this time round won't be so Embarrassing! :p

We settled at this table with a ugly front view - we were facing a wall with wooden holes that can be seen through.. hahaha.. And then she went to order food..

Then this person kept on screaming.. Making the place feel like a wet market *grrr*

While bunny was away ordering, I went trigger happy!

Moments later, she came back with drinks.. And.. she took something out of her bag.. It was this!

Not only did she bring the Chicken essence that she promised, she also brought the bird's nest along! *OMG*

I was really SHOCKED & SURPRISED. I didn't know she really took my word for real about the birds nest thing.. Then she say she dun really care about birdsnest or chicken essence and she just give me like that.. At that moment in my head, i was thinking that its so expensive, not that polite to accept like that..

But on the other hand, when she said that she really wana give me, I was thinking..


I was like.. WOW! But I didn't consume it.. I heard of side effects in some people that it gives swollen eyes and itchy skin and this is really good stuffs! I couldn't bear to drink it too..

I thanked her and we had our fries.. :D

She poured the sauces in the pans.. The auntie left out her mayo/tartar sauce so she went back to get some.. Think she really love it a lot :p And then I had to be excused for while..

When I came back, my mood was kinda dashed le. Was upset again over some things.. I tell you, my moods get affected immensely over little things.. :( Felt like crying as I was munching on my fries.. What a bummer.....

Tried to munch on my fish burger hoping that I would feel better but no.. Felt like I was about to explode in tears again.. Tried hard to hold them back and at least its not so bad as the last time round..

I was left with half of my fish burger but there were so many thoughts on my mind that were bugging me and affecting me so I decided to write out my thoughts.. I think I wrote like 9pages long worth of sms text but I was very upset and I didn't want to ruin bunny's day too by makin it worse with my upseting things.... It was Supposed to be a Happy day! But it seems like everytime we hang out, bad things always happen...... And yes I knew bunny was Very Bored the whole time round cos she kept texting her frens too and taking pictures here and there.. I had to let off steam (not really steam but upset mood) and this was the only way I could think of..

Finally I finished my burger, after a long time.. I felt like I was eating but I don't hve the appetite for it.. But I still forced myself to eat finish if not I will feel faint again.. Then we went off and I got my brochures.. Needed to speak to a advisor there so we waited.. Some of the receptionist people there were VERY unfriendly! They knew I was looking for someone to talk to but when I turn to look at them they gave me the Chow Ah Beng face. (the guys) Then we had to wait till someone was available to talk to us and we were bored after 30mins or maybe longer than that so I suggested we camwhore a bit :p

There were 3 guys asking qns.. Asking non stop.. Oh by the way, the lady advisor had a very nice neck and back! Kinda reminded me of a geisha cos for some reason, her entire back and neck was Very straight 0.0

Decided to do some reading first..

It was Finally my turn and I asked my qns.. It was a different guy that attended to me and halfway through, my contacts in the left eye felt funny and I wasn't sure it tore in my eye cos something felt not right.. And the guy kept looking at me and explained in detail and I was so afraid my contacts really broke so after a while I jus broke off eye contact with him..

After that, we quickly headed to the toilet. Luckily I brought my contact case and spectacles along.. I tried swishing my contact lens in lens solution and i rubbed it gently cos maybe the protein buildup was too much? I saw something sticking to the lens earlier.. Cleaned it. Put it in my eye but it kept going upwards, away from the centre of my eye (this always happens when I wear contact lens too often) and it was about 3wks since I opened it (monthly colored contacts) so I decided to threw it away.. Wore my specs and I felt so nerdy and look like a china girl -.-"

We went to the mrt to get to the next destination!


The moment we set foot in this building, I suddenly felt very pressurized. Like all the students' agonies and stress were all around us.. And somebody needs to BLOODY fix the signboards! We were looking for the admin office and course advisor room but omg, we went from 6th floor to 3rd floor to 2nd floor and so on and so forth! At the rooftop, it was quiet and away from the students' so we stayed for a bit..

There were two girls chatting alone.. Girl talk.. And then we set our cameras to Panoramic View! So you can see a wide angle of what we saw :)
(click to enlarge image)

What lay in front of us was really lush and green..
(click to enlarge image)

And below us were tiny ants scurrying about :p
(click to enlarge image)


We were facing where the sunlight was shining on us.. Couldn't open my eyes fully, was squinting cos it was very bright..

And now its her turn to look *stoned*


We backed down to the 2nd floor where all the brochure stands were and I took my fill of brochure stuffs to do my own research on..

Chanced by these and it looked pretty cool.. Dunk all the businessman into the bin! :D

Junk yard. If you don't study and equip yourself with up to date knowledge, you end up like this - trash.

Saved the best picture for the last! Picture of the day I guess? :)

Damn' I look so studious there! With my spectacles and all! :p And my head looks so 'tiny' compared to hers.. -.-" oh yes, and short too.. lol

What happened next was absolutely CRAZY. But I'll cut the long story short. We were searching for the admin office/course advisor office and I've never been to this place before neither did I do much research on this place before setting foot here. We didn't ask for directions either cos hey, this is a big place BUT the direction boards should work right?!


We walked all the way from the canteen and crossed the road. We ended up in a whole new different and EERIE location.

It was completely Empty and Silent like a Ghost town. The time was around 6pm but hey, there should still be some living people around right? There were a few but like 1 or 2?? :(

Then we walked around for a VERY SHORT WHILE and it was very frustrating not knowing what this place was! Headed to this lift area and it turns out, we walked right smack into the Life sciences department and it was a bloody Ngee Ann Polytechnic! OMG!!!!!!!

What in the world?!?!?!

I was so very pissed and we were very exhausted walking all over the place so we decided to head back.. And guess what, we had to walk ALL THE WAY BACK to the bus stop.. And its not anywhere near okay! Wah lau eh, it was like a 'loody mountain hiking excursion' like that.. ...

After that, we took the same bus back and we went on seperate ways..

Sigh, what a damn tiring day. Im damn glad that at least I still got to get my brochures so at least this day out wasn't wasted!

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