♥ Sunday, September 14, 2008

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Just edited over 150 photos... Very very tired.. Im gonna go sleep now.. Been typing this since 5:19am and now its 7:30am..


Saturday - 13/09/08

I am so stuffed! Had a very very full lunch today! I had kombak pau(pork wrapped in 'leaf' buns, chicken curry - using yoghurt instead of coconut milk, starbite pizza(the latest one as shown on tv), normal pizzas, beefballs, and those that I did not eat because I was SO full were..lasagne, baked pasta & baked rice...

Then for desert, I had a small slice of birthday cake.. (and no, its not MY birthday.. not so soon anyways)

Altogether, lunch lasted 2hrs for me! OMG. Eating for 2hrs straight.. But of course the rest of the time went to chewing my food properly, taking my own sweet time so I don't get indigestion, and tasting it.. I don't wolf down tonnes and tonnes of food into my stomach.. Thats so wrong.. Whenever I see people doing that, I feel a lil disgusted. Its like, hey, you have your tongue and you're supposed to at least Taste your food and not just swallow the whole damn food down your throat without knowing what you are eating! -.-" Eating takes time.. The slower you eat, the Fuller you become = don't get to overeat. The faster you eat, the MORE you consume and your stomach doesn't even have time to tell your brain that you're FULL = you definitely get fat faster.

It was a birhday celebration for those born in sept and I was so full that by dinner time, I didn't even feel hungry! I took a nap around evening time too.. Felt so sleepy la! Needed to go snooze haha and I woke up 3hrs later.. Which happened to be around 830pm.. Got up, felt a little cranky, went to the freezer and scooped myself some Ben & Jerry chocolate ice cream and added the Sour Yoghurt in my bowl too.. Very nice combination! The sour yoghurt (its not spoilt. it just tastes that way :)) tasted not bad with ice cream.. And yes, today is a VERY fattening day. Plus, I had spaghetti and some pizza at Pastamania with Bunny yesterday! OMFG. :( I definitely Need to eat lesser over the next couple of days liaoz~


Also, I have just added the pictures in for the CTC Holidays event/performance entry that I wrote and attended quite a while back. Its a mask changing performance and pretty cool! The puppet can change masks and BLOW FIRE out too!~
(Click the below pic to view the entry :D)


Friday - 12/09/08

Went out with Bunny today. She's gonna bring me go see carebears and also, I hope that they have the ones Im looking for in 13inch size! Btw, 13 inch carebear size = Huggable Size :D

We agreed to meet at 2pm, Suntec. I was early this time, I reached at 215pm.. I called her cos I didn't see her anywhere and guess what she told me? She told me that she's on her way to collect her phones now from KOVAN. But Im already in Suntec waiting for her and if she go collect, it sure will drag for many hours de lor before she can come down here......:(

So nvm, we hung up the phone. Moments later, I called her again and she told me she's gonna collect it another day.. And she's going to rush down to meet me now.. Yay.... In the meantime, I was walking to and fro suntec, bored, nothing to do.. Stopped by a shop, got some things there and made my way to the bookstore.. While i was there, browsing books (you know, bookstores makes time fly really fast), she called me to say that she reach le and so I made my way, all the way back...

I was one floor below the meeting place and so I thought, "Aiya she sure walk very slow.. From mrt to suntec.. Still have time to go see some stuff..", and I walked to minitoons and looked at the toys.. So a few gloomy bears but they weren't the authentic ones.. (imitations) and so small.. :( I didn't buy those. Saved the money instead.. After a while, she rang me up again and said she had arrived at the meeting place so I quickly made my way up to meet her.

And woah. She tied her hair up today. Okay cool. Then we kinda window shopped all over suntec.. I found what I've been looking for but didn't have enough $ to get it so we went over to the toys r rus tower but since it was renovated, some shops were missing.. Shops that she wanted to bring me to but is now Gone -.-" We decided to head to town instead! :D

Okay while walking to the mrt, we saw this! Really funny! And I thought this kinds exists only in the beach or in swimming pools! This was right outside Suntec I tell you! hahaha

Run around in the big balloon like a giant hamster race!

She lost her footing and tumbled inside the ball 0.o

Took the train and went to Far East first! Yea! Saw many many nice things!! It was kinda a fruitful window shopping although I didn't spend a single cent there, yet... Far east was pretty 'empty', as in, nothing much to see there cos we weren't in the mood to shop for clothes bah so we moved on to visit Cineleisure instead! :D While walking, I saw this! Cool!

Oh and the lights above looked really nice and colorful!

Then while walking, we stopped by this fruit drink stall.. Bunny got herself Banana Milkshake and I, Papaya Milkshake! But while drinking, some drops of it dropped onto my tshirt!!! Cos of the way I held the cup.. (gripping it just below the lid) Heng I wore black! :D Okay then apparently we were having a bet like we shuld turn left or turn right to reach cine and we were at Lucky Plaza.

Basically cos.. we were.. Road Idiots. Two people bad at directions hanging out together omg. Im just glad we didn't end up lost! Lololol

Okay so, she said turn left can reach Cine but she din say must turn right(cross road) in the end. I told her in the end, must Turn right(cross road) and its Cine. And she say No no no lei! Well fine so we didn't really bet on who is the one saying the right thing. -.-" When we reached borders that area, around there, I told her again, that she lost to me! Cos she said turn left ONLY and she din mention tat after turn left, still must TURN right (cross road). And the reason why I won is cos I said IN THE END WE MUST TURN RIGHT(cross road), and we'll reach Cine! So how, who do you think is the loser? Bunny only said halfway about going left only and I said in the end must turn right.

So that means I won right?! :D Then she was like not happy cos she was damn confused at what I was saying! ...... Nevermind. SO then I told her; I am the Winner and You're the Wiener!

The crazy thing was, she didn't know what is a Wiener!! OMG. That made everything even funnier! I told her, to ask her best fren who's a guy, what a wiener is. LOL. She was like bugging me for the explanation of a Wiener all the way cos she didn't want to ask her best fren, later he laugh at her. At the last minute, I couldn' t take it le, its so funny la, that she never heard of Wiener before. We arrived at Cineleisure finally and then I told her:

"A Wiener is a Huge German Sausage that is very meaty."

And she was still...blur blur...have no idea what I was talking about still...
Oei, Bunny, read below:

Wiener is German for Viennese, but may also refer to:
hot dog, from German "Wiener Würstchen", meaning "Viennese sausage"
A slang term for

Okay you get me now, Bunny??????
Next, we stopped by toy shops to see Carebears... All carry the small size de.. :( And there was one shop, I wanted to ask qns whether can import overseas or not but there were SO many people at the counter! Think its the shop assistant friends or something. All crowd into the cashier area. It would be Damn embarassing if I asked qns then so I just left the shop..... :(

Bunny went into New urbanmale shop and I waited outside.. Then nothing to do I snapped the ceiling.. Pretty.. And the lights change color too! Okay this is what people do when they're bored. They take pics of every dumb thing they see. -.-

After walking around Cine, we couldn't decide on what to have for dinner. I wasn't that famished but wanted something light. I thought of going to the sushi restaurant above BUT I still can't eat WASABI! Im afraid that it will make my gum wound painful... And there is no fun in eating sushi without the wasabi too... :( Then Bunny said she was carving for Pizzahut. Around the vicinity there was no pizzahut restaurant or anywhere selling pizzas, other than the Pastamania.. So after much "discussion", we settled on Pastamania instead..

Managed to get a seat..

I looked at Pastamania menu and it was the same old boring dishes again.. Like nothing new.. Then this male waiter brought to our table the Giant Menu with pictures on it. Haha. Okay, at least now have pictures so its easier to see what the dishes are.. And I've always ordered the same few items that I've tried before so today I thought, why not try something new right? So I ordered this Tuna & Bacon spaghetti instead. Bunny went to order and I sat at the table..

Rearranged the seasonings to add to the food later..

My dish came first. And boy its A LOT! Oh and I asked for soup but after seeing how much spaghetti I have on my plate, I offered to share my soup with Bunny. But who knows, she didn't seem to like it lei :/ Or maybe she don't drink mushroom soup haha cos she only drank a bit..but for me, I love mushroom soup and I could taste the chunks(slices) of mushroom in the soup. Nice!

Then while waiting for her pizza to come, she go and do Origami on the receipt..

I called her Oi! And she was like Huh? Haha hence this picture!

You wana see something funny? Look at the person behind me.

She finished folding the heart and you'll never guess where she stuffed it in..

Yup, her dish is stil not here yet. Luckily we got a table cos now its like very crowded.

Her LG hp vga quality is pretty bad.. 0.o lol oh and that's a pink Mickey Mouse lollipop in her mouth. Think by now, it has morphed into Shrek, in her mouth because the ears shrank when she showed me! Hahaha

She said I looked like an Ah Lian in this picture..

Pouring as much parmesan cheese as i can onto my spaghetti.. And she having fun snapping away :p


Actually, my dish tasted horribly sour! Hence the messed up look on my face! I made a dumb mistake. I didn't know my spaghetti sauce was already sour so I added some Tabasco sauce in it.. Parmesan cheese was okay, but it was the Tabasco sauce that enhanced the Sourness! :( One thing to do everytime is to first TASTE your dish BEFORE adding in extra seasonings! In western culture, if a lady does that, it shows that she's being polite and giving face, respect, and appreciation to the chef's hardwork in making the meal.. That shows that she is not an Uncouth person (not that I am uncouth, okay! it was just one stupid mistake i made with the food).

Drink my soup first. Save the 'worst' for the last.

Trigger happy again!

Tried really hard to eat and I had some of her pizza too! She adds Tabasco sauce to her pizza.. I never saw anyone doing this before so I tried and woo, its not bad :) Then I also told her that escargoes and oysters if add Tabasco, it tasted heavenly and she was like EEW EEW EEW... -.-"

After eating, must walk around, to digest the food. Think we went up and down the escalator, to see stuffs and thats when I noticed this pushcart stall. It sold gothic jewellery! OMG! Its the shop that I've been searching for in SO LONG! I was so so so happy that I bought 2 necklace pendants for myself! Cos these are Whilst Stocks Last = Limited Edition.. So sad.. Will show you the pictures of my shopping loot later! Hahas:D

The night was still young so I suggested we go watch a movie? I wanted to watch Babylon and Death race but it was either the tickets were full for that timing, or we missed the timing.. IN the end, we settled for Step Brothers! I have no idea what that movie is about butI recognize one of the actor in the poster, he starrs in comedy movies so I gues, this movie won't be boring bah! Haha. Oh and this movie, is M18 too...

We got the tickets then looked around for a seat and beside us, sat a Dinosaur! :p

The view in front of us. Bunny was telling me there's a Skatepark there. I was like wondering Where? Cos its goddamn dark? How to see?!

I slept at 4am or 5am last night and when she called to wake me up, I swear, I felt as though I had just closed my eyes and she called me. So in the end, I have no idea how long did I get to sleep. But I think, it must have been only 30mins?! Cos I closed my eyes really long last night but I wasn't asleep.. Still wide awake lei.. 0_0 And now, my eyes were feeling irritated. Must be cos my eyes are drying up, irritating my contact lens and we both look quite tired hor..

At least this sofa can rest my head on..

So I lean back and close my eyes for a bit.. Cos my eyes were feeling kinda painful..


We are S-t-o-n-i-n-g...

On the right there's this big tv screen, I was watching it and Bunny took this. Another candid camera shot again.. Haha.. She said I look POSSESSED in this picture.. 0_0

Then, she laughed like a crazy cow!

I've got FANGS, and they SPARKLE in the night!

Argh, got cut off haha

After taking so many shots, I looked at the time. Gosh, its time to go in le! Whee~

The movie ended and we were rushing to the toilet. We actually smuggled in some alcoholic drinks to have in the cinema so when we came out, we were feeling a lil tipsy. :p I had Green Apple Vodka, and She had Blackcurrent Vodka. We are both jiu gui = alcoholics. Mine tasted nicer than hers.. Hers was like kinda bitter after a while hm..

I was trying to sober up and needed a place to sit down. I was looking for Mcdonalds.. So we went out of Cine to find cos I thought I saw a 24hr Mcdonald signboard around the corner but guess what, it was just an advertisement board placed at the bus stop! Hahaha.. So we turned back to Cine and had Burger King instead.. At least here have seats.. And green tea...

I felt like gouging out my eyes then. The dryness was an On and Off thing. Like in the cinema, it wasn't so dry but when I came out and walked around, it started feeling dry again! =x



Okay Im halfway through my fries..

Bunny snapped this. Haha

I was concerned her parents or wat will scold her cos she in the tipsy state of mind so I asked her drink green tea.. Will help make her more awake.. But she dun wan.. Then I kept asking and she drank..

She didn't eat but played with the cardboard box.. -.-


And then she threw it in the air but it couldn't fly! So it crashlanded on the floor!

I was concerned for her and she was not appreciative and treat my concerns as a joke; turn around and ask me the exact same qns I asked her like: "Are you okay? you drunk liao la, drink more green tea etc etc. " Then shove the greentea bottle in my face. I replied to her, "You say one more time I throw my burger at you ah." She tot it was FUNNY so she continued saying. And my volcano was slowly going to erupt. I was cranky after the movie liao cos of my eyes and I like to have some peace and quiet after watching a movie and I actually went out of the way to ' concern ovdr her' cos of her strict parents and she actually threw my words back into my face. So I told her, "You say again, I REALLY THROW THE BURGER IN YOUR FACE. AND NO, IM NOT JOKING."

I was very pissed off le. I stared at her for a while. Cos I really mean what I said about throwing the burger in her face. And then I started to eat. I needed to sober up. Didn't bother her. She was like shocked and all but she did provoke me. I don't like showing my temper to people de okay cos it gets Very Ugly and I don't wanna ruin anyone's day. But she went a step too far by taking my concern for her as a practical joke. Ok whatever then, next time I won't get so concerned for you liao. People don't appreciate this nice gesture of mine then I also can't be bothered too~

I ate finish my things and felt slightly better. Her family called up and they were waiting nearby.. So we got up and went on seperate ways home.

And now I show you my shopping loot!

Yea, I first saw these on Nira's blog but she didn't mention where to find them so it was like finding a needle in a haystack :/ and today, I was lucky, to have found it by chance! :D Pretty chocolate combs! :D

I got this from the pushcart stall that sells gothic jewellery..

The earring I don't really want.. I don't have a helix piercing too so a bit no point.. Hmm..

Upside down star, just like the Satanic pentacle.. The design and 'gems' fascinaed me..


The side view of the pendant :D Pretty cool yea? I just hope that the black 'gems' don't fall out..

Show you my entire collection of such jewellery :D All are from the same shop(purchased at different times) except for the bottom right inverted cross which i got elsewhere..

There were two other inverted cross pendants there but they looked too big and 'manly' for me.. Guess it suits the opposite sex but for me, this size fits me best. I wanted it in red but there is totally no more stock for it. So I got a black one, to accompany my blue one. And if one of them gets lost, at least I know I'll have the other.. :D

Closeup of the colors.. hehe

Drank this Apple beer that I got from IKEA the other day with Bunny. Initially it tasted like F&N Zapple. But after a while, it tasted awful and smelt pretty bad.. Worst than Tiger beer in my opinion..


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Just a passerby: Hi babe whats the tittle of yr blog song ? Thks .kiki: hi wats e song playin on ur blog now? thanks
*The song in my blog is Amber Davis - Back into You

Hamsterlord: I like your style of photoshop. You can be a digital imaging artist already. =)
Hamsterlord: Your teeth getting better?? Your eye are quite big* =O

*Thanks! :D Yup my gum is slowly healing,stitches removed already, but sometimes my jaw muscle in that area tends to ache, don't know why also 0_0 My eyes were emphasized due to the camera angle I guess? :)

bunny: wen iwas reading tt ikea post i was like laughing to myself. hahah. and btw the"You Really Believe Ah" is learn from you de lor! hahaha. =) smiles!
*Ya la ya la hahaha okayz!

Noel: im liking e song playing in ur blog more n more haha. do change and share more if you're free.
*You're getting 'tired' of the song playing on my blog Right??? Hahaha yup i'll be changing the music soon :p

stockname: hello
*Hi, thanks for dropping by :)

Nicole❤: wow you are so pretty =) I'm gonna link you and definately re-visit =)
*Thank you babe! Linked ya too! Man, you're pretty hot yourself! :D

Sharon Tan: your dental experience sounds so scary, make my hair stand also..
*Eh it was that scary meh? I made it PG13 already.. lol :p

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