♥ Tuesday, September 09, 2008

||I cleaned out my CHANEL liquid foundation bottle! This is NOT an Impossible task!||


Tuesday - 09/09/08

Today, everything seems to feel pretty sluggish and time passes damn fast today.. One quick update, my Coastal Scents 88 Ultra Shimmer palette (from coastalscents.com) came in the mail today! So happy! :D Arrived pretty fast since I ordered it on Aug 30 and it arrived this afternoon! :D I promise to update the colors and the everydayminerals.com samples in a few days time, I know i've been procrastinating cos i've been busy and yea, Im gonna update my skincare items that I use from head to toe (eg. face cleanser, body soap, skincare, and makeup i own).

Well, im blogging like this because my blog page is so IMAGE HEAVY right now that I am reduced to 3 entries per page cos anymore than that, my entries will not appear on screen.. That happens maybe also because of bandwidth? And Im seriously considering to use other image hosts like the one from blogspot instead of photobucket.. Seems to drag my whole site slow.. Plus, I just filled in the other two entries before this entry so happy reading y'all! :p

Monday - 08/09/08

What was I doing the whole of yesterday? Well, first of all, I had some durian mooncake. Managed to take a picture of it uncut :)

Its by Home's Favourite - cookies and durian brand :) Awesome taste and there is really REAL durian meat in this mooncake! :D How I know? Cos I've eaten it before and you can see the real durian meat in the mooncake here

And then I started clearing up my makeup stuffs and figuring a way to store my makeup brushes and then I chanced upon some past yr's makeup and.. I saw my Chanel Liquid Foundation bottle. Way past the expiry date for a few years already 0_0 So I was about to throw it away when I figured, why not try to CLEAN out the bottle? After all, it did cost me $74bucks and after using it a few times last time, it kinda made my skin oilier and I tell you, the bottle was still more than 3 quarters full of product in it.. :/

It took 2 hours.. Of non stop washing, shaking, and rinsing.. Then my sink was completely stained and I tried using Baby Wipes to clean it and OMG, one swipe and the liquid foundation smears on the sink was gone! COOL! Then I tried using it all over the bottle and extracted the pieces one by one.. IT works even better than soap.. My hands and the bottle were like oily and it was very hard to remove the foundation on my hands and on the pieces cos it kinda stuck on like thick glue! Very hard to get it out. But luckily I've got baby wipes. And I used only 3 pieces of baby wipes mind you! A little goes a VERY VERY long way!

I used one baby wipe to clean up the sink and the bottle. I also had to use Makeup remover to fill the bottle (diluted with water of course!) and shaked it well and left it to sit for a while to help 'loosen' the product on the inside 'walls' of the bottle.. Then I used another baby wipe to clean out the bottle with help of a satay stick and this was very difficult but can be done!

My last baby wipe went to cleaning out everything, the pieces and the inside bottle and to finish it off, I shaked it more makeup remover and my arms were really aching then! I had to shake it very continously because the sharp corner beside the bottle opening, was still dirty and my satay stick and baby wipe wouldn't reach it! :( So I shaked and shaked and was Very determined to get a CLEAN and clear see through Chanel bottle.

Some pieces were really tough to clean. But I doubt I'll be putting ANY other liquid in this bottle. Im gonna keep it. IT looks SO clean now! :D

And, Voila!

Next, I packed my face masks and my beauty items. Since my face masks are quite a lot and Im getting some more, might as well put the storage box to use! And I might need to get more! :D

Saw America's Next Top Model but can't remember the season. I took pictures of her hair because it was the BEST throughout the entire show she was hosting and I like it a lot! Her hair color and hairstyle matches her! I wonder if it matches me too! I need to cut my hair soon too.. Its Hell long... Maybe I might cut it in this style. We'll see..

Right now, I need to go back to the dental clinic to remove my gum stitches.. Did my wisdom tooth surgery last week but now, its still swollen! And there are like 2 ulcers there! :( Think it must be the Durian mooncake and other heaty stuff that caused it! It hurts too! :( Not sure if can remove it though. Im scared of the pain cos its not fully healed yet from the way I see and its swollen too.. :/


I am back! And I was 30min late! Went to the dental clinic and luckily the dentist haven't left for lunch yet! He was about to though -.- heng he was still around if not god knows how long more I must wait.. Andhe removed the stitches for me. The only pain i felt was like you know sometimes you have a ulcer in your mouth and you touch it, it hurts a lil? Ya thats how I felt cos the dentist had to stretch my mouth slightly so he could cut the stitches and get them out. Overall, not so bad! :D And he said that swelling is normal and then I told him about my mouth bleeding non stop after the surgery when I got home. And he said its normal because the gum area has had the wisdom tooth removed and so it would bleed more..

Then I set another appointment for my wisdom tooth surgery.. Its gonna be held again this month. I don't wana wait so long too.. I JUST WANNA GET IT DONE AND OVER WITH. :D

After a while I just walked around taka and saw nice bags but didn't really have mood to see branded items, alone.. I wanted to go see the carebear shop and the vodka shop so I texted W and SW how to get there.. I think SW replied faster.. Haha.. I tell you, Im a road idiot. Directionless - bad at directions.. Somemore, I don't go orchard often mah.. I only go if they all are going.. So, to Bunny, Im not exactly Living in a Well either! Its just not my luck to explore places I've never been to cos nobody brings me there? hahaha

Louis Vuitton's display this time is really eyecatching! Reminds me of a Dolce & Gabbana ad though hmm..

Called up Shuin and asked her if she's visited the crystal shop yet.. At that time I was in watsons, looking at Blister plasters.. So ex.. 12bucks lei.. :/ Anyway, she said she's at the shop and I asked if she mind if I join her to see crystals together... She said she was fine with tat but she had to leave after that to see her mom.. So okay, we agreed to meet at the mrt control station.

While I was on the mrt, she texted me something funny..

She: Are u rching alr?! I need to fart!
I: Gonna alight at cityhall soon.. Go fart la! Haha then remember to put your lighter at your ass to announce my arrival hor! :D
She: -.- i cnt fart here, too quiet to fart...haha i dunwana burn my ass!
I: Lol eh you very lame lei.. Can help me buy cold mineral water? I pay you back i reaching in two stops
She: I lazie, ltr bring u go 7eleven, its on d way
I: ... Lazy pig...

After that, I dropped off and saw her.. She was playing with her PSP -.- eh.. psp fun meh? I wan ds lite! Haha.. wonder how fun is it gonna be.. hmm..

Anyways, we walked and walked and walked to a goddamn discreet shop that sells crystals..Like nobody go in one lei.. 0_0 So we were like asking and the shop owners, husband and wife, were like explaining to us the wonders of what these crystals can do.. Shuin got herself a Onyx bracelet and I, chose a garnet mixed with smoky quartz beads bracelet.. My bracelet is not going to be using the typical stretchy string because they always 'kiap' my hair on my hand.. :( painful.. not that im ultrahairy la but im very particular about bracelets that pull my hand hairs out...

Overall, the lady boss and boss was very friendly and they were very helpful although sometimes they kept explaining how good some of the crystals were and makes you want to get it but when you ask the price, its like Sudden Anti-Climax.. Haha.. And they have this way of talking and showing crystals but don't tell you the name of it unless you are persistent enough (like me) and qn them about it..


Lately, I've been really moody and sad, pessimistic and depressed. I want to be happier but I don't know how. Really, I don't know how to be Truly Happy cos everytime when Im at my peak of Happy, something bad starts raining down on me and Im back at my peak of Sadness... I've considered seeking a fortune teller again, hopefully one who is MUCH better than my previous one, to read and tell me my fortune and future but that isn't going to do much to help me maintain a happy and positive attitude..

I read through my blog and its all along sad. Bunny asked me the last time, "What are you sad about?". I didn't give her a definite answer. Because I myself was stumped by that qn. I've never truly asked myself what was I REALLY sad about anyway. It was just that the feeling of sad/depression just sweeps over me like a cloud in the wind.. And then there will be no sunshine until the cloud is cleared..

And its either you be happy or you be sad, Christina said to me too and she said she chose Happy.

I was chatting with Sharon and she was sharing with me her issues too and she was suggesting me some stuffs too..

As for me, what am I sad about? Many things. But I think my perspective view of life is very much distorted and come to think of it, I deserve to be happier too. But i get affected by little things that piss me off/upsets me.. And that upsets my day too.. Hence the crazy unhappy mood swings... I've asked myself this too, Will visiting a fortune teller really solve all my troubles? Can it make me happier? Can it make me less emo and depressed about things?

And I was thinking that maybe yes, maybe no. I don't know.. Maybe crystals could help me?

No matter what, its still worth a shot.. Maybe life could change for the better with crystals? And if it doesn't Im still glad to know that at least I did try it plus, its not bad wearing it as an accessory :)


For tonight, I am very sleepy. I kept dozing off on my chair while chatting with Christina halfway.. I had no idea when I started to doze off! I know that I had intended to close my eyes for a couple of mins but when I opened them, a couple of hours passed instead! It was like 3am the next morning when i woke up and I was so tired.. very very sleepy..

I also ransacked my entire big storage boxes to find my other crystal bracelets cos last time when I was working, my colleagues were engrossed in it too and we clicked well, discussing about the benefits of crystals etc.. And i got a few bracelets then but my color combination looked weird plus it pulled my hand hairs out so I stopped wearing it. Also, I couldn't find my crystal book.

Ransacked the whole place for 30mins only to find it stored in the other storage box that was right beside the table! Damn.. Like the chinese proverb, "You don't see what clearly is right in front of you" haha should be like that I think. So I found my things and Im pretty happy! And now I can finally sleep!

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