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||Bet you all must be laughing at my..moustache?!||

Flipped though my phone and saw a few images I have forgotten. This was taken a few days before my wisdom tooth surgery.. See?! So smiley.. Now I can't even smile cos it hurts my muscle :(

I've honestly never played with my hair before, or at least, make my hair as some props on my face so here goes! Having fun snapping away! Haha reminds me of some moustache bad villain!

Bet you all must be laughing away at this one!

My nose stud's gem fell out last week so I went back to get a couple more.. The last time I bought mine, I chose the 'diamond' color and the light blue 'diamond' color.. I've tried orange color and green color before but they just looked weird on me. All that were 'colorful' appeared Badly against my skin color.. So i've decided. From now on, im gonna stick with the plain white 'diamond' color. I had intended to get only 4 but then the bodymod sales assistant suggested me to get 6. Coming to think of it, 6 pieces is not bad. 6 nose studs for 10bucks. Plus these are so small sometimes I wash my face, and im not careful enough, it gets 'rubbed' off and falls into the hole in the sink!

The bodymod sales assistant also suggested these for me, with the 'clasp' to lock the 'gem' in the metal socket. You can't see it in the picture cos the 4 clasps surrounding the gem is very tiny.. But yup, its very sparkly. Kinda reminds me of those sparkly gem stickers and it looks as though i literally pasted those stickers on my nose! Hurhur~ But NO, my nose piercing is real! :)

Watery porridge.. Could only swallow my food on day 2 and day 3 after my wisdom tooth surgery.. :(

On day 1, after the surgery was even worse. I couldn't even eat! Cos I had to bite on the gauze to stop bleeding.. Let alone SWALLOW a full cup of water. Mind you, I hadn't had a drink of water/food for 12hrs! Then the anaesthetic started to disappear and thats when my right jaw muscle started to hurt so bad, it affected my throat. And when I swallow water, the muscle and skin near the stitch got pulled too.. Thank goodness I found out a technique to swallow my food and drink after a while..

Day 1 of surgery

I was very hungry at night around 2am I think and I needed to take my antibiotics and painkillers. But I couldn't take it on an empty stomach.. Many hours have passed since when I had lunch before the surgery and Im sure there's no morsel of food left in my stomach to cope with the painkillers.. So I tried to take some cold yoghurt. I had to throw away all the Nato de Coco (aloe vera bits) and mix my yoghurt with a lot of milk, in a bowl.. Then i just slowly swallowed. The slip of paper I got which tells me how to take care of my wound if it couldnt stop bleeding was to use a cold compress to put it at the wound. The nurse also told me before I left the clinic that cold stuffs are good for me. So yea, I drank down the yoghurt milk and then took the meds..

What was worse on the First night after the surgery, my wound couldn't stop bleeding! I was biting my gauze for like 7hrs straight but it was still bleeding non stop and then for the next couple of hours, I decided to sleep and bite my gauze at the same time. I figured, since after the surgery and I took a nap on the way home, I was still biting the gauze so no problem.. Won't choke or what.. So what I did at home was to prop my head up onto 2 pillows to drain the blood downwards instead of Gathering at my head. This lessens the pain/swelling..

Then I woke up at around 5am. I still tasted blood in my mouth. Took out my gauze and then let my saliva drool into the sink cos I can't Spit. Spitting involves muscles movement and my jaw muscles were swollen.. I took a mirror to check on the wound. Can't tell if one stitch came loose cos it was jarred at the side of my other molars.. I swished water around my mouth but it still won't come off. So I guess that must have been there for a reason/maybe that was causing my wound to bleed continuously..

I thought to myself, if I were sleeping soundly, my saliva wil just automatically be swallowed so.. I didn't put any new gauze in. And i went to sleep. Woke up the next day really late (cos I went back to bed around 530am), I woke up around 4 I think..

Day 2 of surgery

Not feeling much pain but just that my right jaw muscle area is swelling up a little and I can't even touch my right area.. Cos it hurts. :( Then I had water porridge and I was very hungry.. I kept swallowing my porridge.. I even had to Mash it further to make it easier to swallow down.. Then I took my painkillers+antibiotics and my wound was still bleeding a lil bit. By dinner time, it had stopped bleeding and I could drink water now easily.. Again I had porridge and with some diced steamed sausages.. 3 sausages in fact. I was very very hungry.. :( And I can't eat my favourite biscuits or anything that's flaky and sharp ended so sausages and porridge were the only solution for me..

Day 3 of surgery

Had watery porridge for lunch again and with bits of fish cake in it. All soft foods.. Im happy to say that my jaw muscles isn't so painful already but my wound area is still swollen.. I hope its not any infection or anything :/ Anyways, by dinner time, I tried having a bit of spaghetti but yea I had to chop everything up in very little bits.. So it looks like CRAP. And don't do what I did by mixing so many ingredients in one. It not only looks like CRAP, it tastes jolly well like CRAP too.

Forced to eat this ugly piece of crap.

Okay I was joking about the 'forced' part but.. The food sucks to the max. Hai... My 'spaghetti' tasted Very powdery..I wonder is it cos of the siew mai/chopped potatoes/maybe it wasn't cooked well thats why like that.. :(

Then I was feeling very 'sick' inside cos of the spaghetti and omg I opened my fridge and dig deeper and hey! I forgot all about this piece of bread! :D Don't worry there's no fungus on it. I went to warm it up and had this for my dessert. Threw the last remnants of my Crappy dinner in the bin. If you asked me, that crappy spaghetti looks fit for Dog food. :/

This tasted Sooo good. I better drink more water cos this is heaty stuff. Will make my wound swell more but there's egg! Havent had egg in days! :D

Oh and if my wound is better tomorrow, Im gonna have meatballs tomorrow! Plus im gonna watch two movie: Journey to the Centre of The Earth and Death Race! Whee!~ Im going with Bunny and she's bringing her toys along! I'll then get a chance to see her Swift heart Carebear she received from her admirer whom she doesn't even like one bit; and also, Pussy Lips, her toy she got at Expo. Okay correct that, its called Messy B but I call it Pussy Lips cos its lips are DAMN HUGE like a botox job gone wrong. Looks like a Pussy anyhow. LOLLLL~

****Tags Replied****

Noel: the threads used are normally absorbable but usually takes up to a week for it to disappear. There's this condition call dry socket tt may occur after extraction. Read abt it when i had my extraction.
*I have to go back to the clinic to have my stitches removed :( So doubt mine is the one you're talking about which can dissolve on it own :/

gailyn: just passed by ur blog thru some link. nice blog ..love ur pics.. haha..
*Oh my pics? Haha I hope you're not talking about the recent 'mouth' pictures.. haha..dropped by your blog too..Pretty cool~

bunny: o.0 another sadist. lol.

alvin: hey sixthbane, u need more time to recover. normally after the surgery, ur cheek will swell up too.. maybe u can take a pic for us to see. hehe. take care gal
*Well, my cheek looks a little puffy but not much different from my usual oval face shape so no pictures of it! :p And yea, I do need more rest :)

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