♥ Monday, September 15, 2008

||Apple the Maltese trembled in fright :(||

Can you imagine I had this for late lunch today? Its this giant piece of bread wrapped in some minced pork and lettuce! Oh god. I can't even stuff the Whole thing in my mouth! It was practically the size of my fist!

Giant, but luckily I managed to press and Press and PRESS it so its much flatter and easier to take a bite! This was homemade by the way, using those giant french baguette bread or something; its those LONG stick breads you see in bread shops.

Afterwards I had to go to the toilet. This kinda gave me enough 'ruffage' and helped cleared my system..

I was surfing the net the whole day, editing photos and practically nothing much to do but sharon wanted to meet me and around night time, I was watching HEROES on channel 5 when she rang me and said she's nearby.. So i immediately got out and packed in my 88 palette and oil control powder and her dress in my bag.

Got out, waited for her and I called to ask where she was. And apparently, she missed a turn and I saw her vehicle moving off the other way.. hur hur.. Was waiting and then I spotted this bright shiny moon in the sky! The clouds were hovering around the moon :)

This was when I saw her vehicle turn the other way so I figured its gonna take a while before she will reach me so I snapped away! :D I did my eyes with the 88 ultrashimmer palette from coastal scents.com and its really pigmented and lasted without creasing on my eyelids! I tell you, it was pretty warm downstairs.. Was perspiring.. Plus, I was wearing long sleeves! :p

Finally she arrived, a couple of minutes later.. But, she didn't come alone!

This is her maltese, freaking adorable and so tamed! I could pat her and stroke her fur and she would nibble my fingers and play! :)

Apple was so friendly and wow, sharon let her lick her face.. I wasn't too fond of that cos er..its pretty unhygienic?? Hmm dogs would sometimes lick their nether region and then later they lick your hand and face and er.. I think its pretty unclean? I told sharon that and she said she bathed Apple already and its not so bad..

Hehe, so cute! Looks like she's smiling so happily like that :D

Then sharon suggested that I carry her pet maltese and I was more than happy to do that! I love dogs! The last time I saw her maltese was at her birthday chalet and it was like 1/3 of its current size! Really tiny! I still remember last time when I left her chalet, I played with Apple and I was carrying this bead bracelet then, and apple kept nibbling at it curiously..so playful! Hee

This is Take 2 cos Apple kept focusing on the cats from afar and she wouldn't look at the camera -.- sharon was trying to coax Apple to look into the camera but failed! hahaha

*Bleh* Okay don't know why Apple looks like this but I swear, I wasn't choking her in any way! Hehe she looks like she's sticking her tongue out at the naughty cats roaming about :P

After so many Takes, finally, we got a Front shot! Had to turn my body so her face can be seen from the front! :D I was laughing cos we both were like getting Apple's attention and making funny noises haha See, she's smiling at the camera!

Next is Sharon's turn! :D Both of them smile so happily

Then Sharon put Apple in the car and she was like wincing away! Sharon said she's trying to get attention haha how cute! I took a shot at her but her eyes couldn't open fully..Maybe cos my flash was too bright.. *oops* Okay then I passed Sharon her dress and showed her the makeup stuffs I brought down.. :D

As an attention seeker, apple was making noises, and wanted to be patted and hugged :)

Sharon was wearing this blue Chanel cuff bracelet on her wrist and I asked her to take off so I could snap a picture of it :D Cool blue color! :D


There were chain links too, in gold color! The cuff and chain links reminded me of punk goth accessories..

Apple wants to join in the fun too! She kept licking sharon's jacket -.o

Looks like a Soft Toy Dog plushie..

Sharon holding Apple! Wheee~

Tried to take a front view of her maltese but she kept turning her head away.. :/

Think she's tired le.. Haha

Then like nothing to do, I brought them up to see my Long coat Chihuahua.. She's really old, cranky and antisocial de.. Don't bring her out for walks so she never seen much of the world or other doggies before.. haha

The moment we got up, it was her usual bedtime and she was asleep on the floor, in one corner.. Didn't even know that there were 'visitors' in the house.. Then I called her name and she woke up and oh man, she really was ANTISOCIAL! She kept growling at Apple and when I carried Apple nearer to my dog, she would growl and her tail was down! She looked like she wanted to fight like that 0_0

As for Sharon's maltese, she was trembling and quite shaken when I brought her close to my dog and mind you, apple was slightly bigger than my dog and was only 7mths old, very young lei.. And sharon was like giggling in one corner cos my dog was so fierce and her maltese was quite scared by my dog..

I hope that Sharon's dog ain't traumatised in any way cos its so young and kena 'confronted' by such a fierce dog with cranky moodswings like mine.. (you can't even pat her, she will bite you)

Hahas and after a while, sharon went back home.. I brought her back to her vehicle and we chatted for a while more then she went off le.. By then it was pretty late and Heroes was over liao.. But its okay! There's always next week! :D I had so much fun with her pet dog and its so darn tame and friendly, not like mine.. Cannot even touch or anything..(must depend on her moodswings de..)

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