♥ Sunday, August 10, 2008

||This pink bottle is For Girls Only! Not for guys..||

Dropped by 7 eleven that day and I saw this nifty pink bottle of alcohol. It reminded me of Paris Hilton (she's a pink lover) and honestly, I was very curious to try it out. So I purchased it. And as I was walking to the counter and showed the cashier my items..

Cashier: You sure you want to get this small bottle?
Me: Yup
Cashier: You really sure you want this small bottle and not the big bottle?
Me: Ya. Erm why whats the difference?
Cashier: This small bottle costs about $14 and the big one costs only around $50. So you still want to get the small bottle?
Me: Hmm.. (thinks for a bit) Yes I just want to try it (and I didn't have enough $$ on me then) so Im getting the small one only, thanks :)
Cashier: Okay then eh then when you try it already let me know how it tastes like okay? Its new Ive never tried it before too
Me: Haha... Sure....

This was what I got.

And come to think of it now, I should have gotten the bigger bottle instead. :/ Why? Cos its a stupid waste of money on such a tiny bottle! Its only SLIGHTLY bigger than the mini Absolut Vodka bottles.. ARGH. I should have gotten the big pink bottle instead.. Looks much better even for display purposes too :)

Anyhow, the flavour is quite fruity and reminded me of lychee..0.o I tried it Neat and it was okay but I felt if I had ribena or some fruit juice, the taste would be so much better :D

And this was what I had for lunch yesterday.. Its a mix of leftover beehoon, scrambled eggs, and some tomyam noodles.. It was Ultra filling.. I guess you can call this BRUNCH - breakfast+lunch combined lol.

Oh yes and Bunny helped me get these Daiso slot thingys all the way from IMM :) This is out of stock everywhere okay! Damn hard to find....

And she helped me get this too!

But now.. Seriously when I wanted to get these two, it was just wanting to have these two because they look nice.. I don't have that many earrings to put in the tiny slots or even store small items in the bigger slots so now its just left at home until I find time to clear my things up and think of what I can do with these two slot thingys. They sure look good though :)

Here's the Dove shower ok booth at Vivo.. Freaking hillarious I tell you! And so embarassing some more... I was watching the people going in and singing and all and everyone was going WAHAHAHA~~~~~

This dish rocks! The salmon was crispy on the outside and juicy and moist on the inside. Absolutely yummilicious :D Had this at one of the open air restaurants' in Vivo..

I watched The Mummy some weeks ago (probably 2, can't remember) and when I saw this Wall-E cardboard bench, I had to take a picture with it! Plus, there was nobody around after watching the movie so it was just nice for me to snap a picture with it! Haha

This bench looks sturdy but I think its just made of plain cardboard -.- thank goodness it didn't break as I sat on it :p

When I was seated, I swear I did not know there was a White Robot beside me.. I tot there was only Wall-E lol.. If not I sure pose with the white robot too.. I only started to realise that only when I began to edit the pictures like..just yesterday?! Haha I sure procrastinate now, don't I?


Now, Ajisen Ramen photos!

I edited this picture in color but then when I changed it to black and white, I had a hard time choosing between the two colors so... I post both up! :D

Me and bunny dined there and she didn't have any appetite to eat so I was the only one eating that night..

After waiting for a long long time, the food finally came. I wanted Tomato Ramen but this outlet don't have that! Why ah?! Last time still have one... :/

Since it was a set and I had a BAD experience with Tofu at Ajisen Ramen(taka outlet) the last time (sharon knows this best), I switched to Prawn Mayo instead. Very very sinful..

I was feeling quite EMO that day hence the letterings on my shirt..

Now I am having second thoughts.. It smells damn spicy too..

Taste test first!

Where am I looking at?! Eh.. can't I turn my head??
Don't tell me when u eat, you stare at the same place the whole time?? lol

Die.. This is really fucking hot. The more I eat the spicier it becomes!

Haha bunny tried the Outburst feature on my camera and she took this. I thought it was funny haha and if you're wondering why my mouth is like that, I was munching my food, duh..

Watch me eat.


Oh and just yesterday night(12midnight today), an unknown number smsed me and said was interested in my art exhibition works and wanted to talk to me about work. My hp contacts recently vanished a while back so I got no idea who was that. It certainly was not anyone I know. So having thought about it, I was about to rush over my whole stack of namecards I received and collected at that exhibition show, when it suddenly dawned on me that,

One, I have only spoken to 5 potential clients who came from a design company plus I received only 3 business cards(from clients who expressed interests in my work) through the entire exhibition that lasted for a week. Plus I was issueing my namecards at that time too so.. It could be a Prank caller/Scammer.

Two, I have collected a tonne of namecards throughout that exhibition show so flipping through one by one Just Because of this Unidentified phone number who dropped me that sms, was plain silly and dumb when I could ask who that person was by giving a reply to that sms.

Three, My number could only be known by people when they got my namecard then and other than that, my number is not published anywhere else so it narrows down on the handful I suspect who is sending me this sms.

Three, It was 12midnight when I received the sms. One or two days before, this same phone number messaged me a "Hi". Onseeing that it was a number I don't recognize, I ignored it and the sms was so plain and simple, replying to that would be a complete waste of my Time and $$$. Plus, about this second sms, would anyone in the right mind (potential design clients) talk about hiring a designer that late at night, when clearly it was After Office hours?

Im not a stupid person after all, see. I do have a brain to think analytically after all. :) SO I replied that 12midnight sms immediately and I asked for the person's name and Company name. Not only that, I asked if that person has left me a namecard before at that time.

And I clicked SEND on my mobile.

Guess what folks? I was still awake till 2am this morning and there was NO REPLY. That clearly justifies my reasoning, that this was just a PRANK sms. Or an sms from someone who I think I know sent it to me, maybe to see if my number was still in use or not. Ha. Stupid people. Why am I blogging this now? Because I waited all day too and CLEARLY now, there was no reply from that particular number! Ha!

It shows how dumb people can get when they are bored and choose to Scam/Prank call people.

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