♥ Sunday, August 24, 2008

||Once you've Seen the Best, you won't want to See the Rest!||

Okay, I am alright!
Im Kinda fine now... Kinda...
(thanks for the concern..bunny, hamsterlord, and shuin..)

Watched Money no Enough 2 at Suntec today, there were 4 scenes in it that made me cry? 0_0 awww..... The scene where the Man vomit on his wife that scene was very... how should I put it, ...heartfelt? Okay this one I don't need to explain further..... And when his Wife went to jail in a bid to help Him settle his money debt (she embezzled funds from her company i think) and he still go scold her. I was thinking in my head, "Stupid Man. You only see the worst side of her and never see her concern for you. And you clearly forgot that it was she who helped you clear your debt. So Ungrateful. Unappreciative jerk." At that time I almost wanted to throw Popcorn at the cinema screen. LOL but of course I didn't la! Haha waste my popcorn only :p

Then when the Old granny tried to get money by Begging from people, she was caught and her sons don't even understand why she did that and I felt she was so Pitiful.. So much grievances and she just swallow all her pain in.. And then when the Old granny was being taken care of by her sons, they ill treat her and even let her EAT and sleep in the toilet.. It was the scene where the old granny was eating and she was sitting on top of the toilet bowl plus the way she was sleeping and crying at night.. I feel so sad for her..(plus there was a song playing in hokkien and it just make my heart break more..)

Next was when her eldest son brought her to the Old folks home and the Old granny turned around and shouted for her son to take her away from the place and she was crying and all. It was so saddening.... :( And then the final scene that moved me was when the old Granny passed away.. So sad la! When I saw she woke up from her coma and pulled out her air tube thing so she could die and save her granddaughter.. (it was about some dispute over the bag of blood..) Then there were flashbacks of the times when she was alive and how nobody cared much about her, she was caught in the rain with a Broken Umbrella and I was thinking how her sons don't even take note of the little details about her.. Also, they keep showing how she died and her dead face in the hospital and the hand gesture and look on her face was very powerful.. Just from seeing that it could evoke thoughts and emotions easily of how and why she did that..

My heart sank totally lor.... I was like trying not to sob so much if not makeup all smear but that scene was really... moving.. I wanted to stop crying also cannot. Haha.. that shows how great this movie has achieved to even be able to touch people and let people tear..

I don't cry easily when watching touching movies though and the first movie that I actually tear was when I watched AI (Artificial Intelligence) during the scene when the Robot boy met the Blue Fairy for the first time and asked her like why can't his Mom come back to life, I think..

Okay and back to the movie I watched today.

Many people say that the movie is scripted and not that touching but in my opinion, if NOBODY was moved by that show, I would really think that their hearts were made of stone or they are Living Vegetables - emotionless.

The movie ended and i went to the toilet.. Still felt sad in low moods man.. :( And a bit stoned. (im like that everytime after watching movie..haha) It was as if someone close to me had just passed away and I visited their funeral or something 0.o

After that, I came out and noticed something going on at the foyer :) Some travel agency thing by CTC holidays was going on.. Went down to take a look and wondered what was going on why so many kids going there.. Some interesting puppet mask-changing performance was on! Whooo~

Wow this doll, looks cute! And it looks as though the back broke and the 'felers' (i think thats how it shuld be spelt), reminds me of Sun Wukong - the Monkey God.. haha

Then two masked performers appeared on stage and I was looking at their side view, front view, and back view and I still have no idea how they could change their masks! :/ MAYBE, there's a switch or something beneath their cape to switch the masks on their faces, and then it gets triggered up into their hats? Hmm.. Very very curious to find out man..

Oh and there's a masked puppet too! How cool is that?!

This one is really awesome. It can BLOW FIRE out of its mouth! The audience were like applauding very loudly and in awe.. So was I! :D

After the performance, Irene Ang appeared and talked about the trip she's organising. Think it has something to do with Channel 8 travel show where artistes become tour guides and get rated for their performance by their travel group haha But hey, she looks really slim here but don't know why on tv she doesn't look that slim - i guess it must be true about the camera lens making people appear fatter on screen haha lol

Later on, while walking in circles (literally), I was BANGED by 5 to maybe 8 people while walking?! And these people were carrying HUGE backpacks and I almost FELL to the floor when one of them stopped in front of me in CARREFOUR cos he SUDDENLY turned and I almost lost my footing. I was saying "F*ck" as I shoved him away and walked off. So Pissed with these people. I think their eyes grow on their backsides. I was like rushing to get my stuffs from watsons after that but hell, I was at the carrefour area and so long never been there le so I walked from one end to the other but I couldn't get across the next tower and even had to phone for help! :/ Am quite bad at directions.. Then I was like perspiring by the time I reached Watsons... and guess what? They didn't have my Disinfectant alcohol bottle there.... ARGH.

So I headed BACK to Guardian.. Ultra long walk.. Pissed at the BLIND people who kept bumping into me! There were A LOT. And Many caucasians too they kept getting in my way and bump into me by accident. ....

Got my Disinfectant alcohol finally and Glycerin and Super glue for my bling blings.

After HARDCORE youtubing on the net, apparently these two items can be put into far greater use than just moisturising and disinfecting items.. For the alcohol, it can be used to REPAIR broken eyeshadows or pressing LOOSE pigments(like glitter eyemakeup) into empty eyeshadow pans and as for Glycerin, apparently it can help press Loose Mineral Foundation powder and so much more la haha - you go youtube it yourself and you'll see so many uses for it! :D

My next buy is Jojoba Oil.. I saw it from Acne.org and Im quite keen on its effect for skin and they also had this skin kit thing with benzoyl peroxide to drive acne away and it seems the results are guaranteed? Hmm.. See how I might be getting that but right now Im using a acne gel I got from the doctor and it kinda peels my skin and makes it flake (only when i put the gel on) and whatever thing that PEELS the skin, its actually a good thing cos it not only lighten acne scars but also helps bring New skin out.. But of course don't over do it.. hehe

And I had some korean beef rice with kimchi for dinner. The Beef sucks to the max.. Eew... Got that from the basement food court.. But the kimchi was VERY HOT. I think I had two bowls of rice (you know the average bowl of rice you get at coffeeshops?) to go with my kimchi.. Tasty but HOT!

Now watching Beijing olympics and its fantastic. Haven't got the chance to upload and resize the images I took of the performance at Suntec today so it might take a while..:p


Meanwhile, Once you've Seen the Best, you won't want to See the Rest!

Beijing olympics opening ceremony was EXCELLENT and compared to the Singapore National Day performance, it was like.. Singapore's performance was Mediocre.. And it couldnt grab my attention as much as beijing's performance :/ Disappointed but the moment when Hady Mirza and the Chinese Girl sang a DUET, it captivated me and I stopped whatever I was doing then and just watched them sing until the end lol..

As for the Beijing olympics Ending ceremony, it was as good as the Opening Ceremony especially the Pagoda performance thingy.. Where so many chinese had to climb the tower and do all sorts of patterns..:D I loved that! But then the Opera crew came out and I was like... Zzzzz*dozed off*

London's performance were like so undisciplined, as compared to the Chinese! Ya.. The chinese are still more disciplined then the rest. When the london dance group came prancing along the stadium, they seemed so sloppy and goofy to me. And I don't even wana watch them further..

But then Leona Lewis came out! Wheee~ Made my heart skipped a beat! She's my favourite singer! I love her songs! Okay and finally, I totally missed Jackie Chan's singing performance!!! :(
I was like waiting but got tired cos there were so many Singers on stage and I was 'annoyed'. Then when I turned my head to the tv again, it was over. Gah.

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