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||MAC brushes "alternative" (and they are cheap and good!)||

The whole of yesterday I was checking my email and still youtubing. Then I saw makeup reviews about eye makeup plus makeup brushes and then I saw how to clean makeup brushes! :)

For me, I NEVER washed/cleaned my makeup sponges and brushes...for up to 1yr+ already I think -.- well, I never knew how to wash them mah.. Like must use a specific brush cleaner or can just use hair shampoo or face cleanser and all these qns boggled my mind.. So when I finally saw how people clean their brushes, I was like "ORH, So thats how they do it ah..".

And that was what I did. I tried to clean my face brush and sponges. When I bought my face brush the last time from the shop, I NEVER washed it and used it straight on my face!(maybe that explains why im still breakingout?) :( Its bad cos there could be bacteria and dyes they used to color the brush hair and I thought it was fine.. So ya anyhow when I started cleaning it, I saw orangey brownish gunk and dirt and liquid coming out... Eeew...

But its not so bad and I had to keep washing and rinsing it like 6 times?! Until I saw there were no more unsightly liquid coming out then I stopped. Quite okay la cos I use it for blusher and some face powder but not so heavily haha.

Show you one video I saw and OMG, she really mistreated her brushes!

Okay now, I heard of Coastalscents.com brushes from her and.. I went to checkout the site! :) I had a VERY hard time deciding which brushes to get cos I could not get them all (not enough money wat and they go OOS very fast! :( ) Apparently, these brushes are IDENTICAL to the MAC brushes you see in the stores and the Coastal scents brushes are great for Mineral makeup (those loose face powder).

Plus, they are super cheap and seem to come in the same quality like MAC brushes.. And they are great for liquid foundation too :p

Here are some of Coastal Scents brush reviews:D

For those into PINK, there's pink brushes sold at Coastal Scents too! :D

I decided to invest in a bit. I not only bought some Coastal scents brushes, but I also bought some mineral makeup from Everyday Minerals because these are suited for acneprone users and its vegan too! :D

I took like 8 hours in all trying to decide which brushes I want and the checkout system was pretty efficient. But what took so long was deciding which shipping I wanted! They had Fedex and USPS shipping and I had absolutely no idea what to choose! I mailed for help to the customer service people but there was no immediate reply plus because of waiting for their reply, two brushes went OOS! They were the Black Deluxe Shadow brush (for eyeshadows) and the other blending brush that I wanted. :( Slowly but surely, soon all the brushes that are hotseller (due to Pursebuzz and Enkore youtube video reviews on these brushes) , will be sold out too! :(

So nevermind I decided to venture to the fedex website first and then I thought of choosing this but OMG, when I checkout and selected fedex international shipping, its was twice the total amount! Eg. my total items were 40usd and the fedex shipping was 50usd! So in total its 90usd and when convert to sgd dollars, it would cost me a hefty price of like 120 bucks around there. So ex! But if you selct fedex shipping, you can receive a tracking number to track your shipment so not too bad..

Then I saw USPS and I went to their website. I had to read through everything on that website plus it was so darn hard to navigate through.. But the thing is, they won't provide a tracking number so its like you will receive your items eventually but won't know where the hell/when the hell the item is gonna come. However I think it should take 6-10 business days to reach me bah..

In the end I chose USPS international shipping.. And it was like 20usd (so much cheaper than fedex) and it also means I'll be receiving them slower. Oh wells. I really wana get these so badly that whenever I see my item go OOS, I go bonkers! I had initially thought of waiting for Coastal Scents spree on the net to come but if wait too long, all the good stuffs will be taken up! Moreover once OOS, there is no Specific date when it will be instock again! So sad la! And through some reviews there, some people actually had to wait months for the item to be instock again..

I paid and then I received my order receipt. So now all I gotta do is to WAIT for it to arrive! Then I sure let you all know how it is. :)

As for mineral makeup, there was so many mineral makeup brands on the web and this(Everyday minerals) was the only one that does not contain any Bismuth Oxychloride - i think thats how its spelt. That particular ingredient causes acne breakouts and face to itch! And apparently, this mineral makeup brand Bare Minerals(second most popular makeup brand) contains that hence thats why so many users have been suffering with bad skin even after using it!

But for Everyday minerals, they do not contain that ingredient and it doesn't irritate the skin at all. Plus, some users have mentioned that it has All shades to suit all skin colors, gives good coverage + dewy complexions (depends on what formula you choose eg: Original Glo, Semi-Matte, Matte, Intensive) and also its a wonderful product that some people have had their skin Improve overtime with this..

Plus, they have a forum there too and I went there cos I am BAD at selecting my face shade on my own. But thank goodness, you can choose sample kit where you receive 3 sample foundations, 1 blush, and 1 concealer.

And its FREE!

All you gotta do it pay for shipping which is USD4.95 (i think) and thats using USPS shipping and convert to sgd, its about 6bucks? Not bad ah.. You get samples plus blush plus concealer.. But all in powder form of course :)

Then after viewing the forum and opening up many internet explorers filled with skin color swatches of what other people has (u cannot just view the everdaymineral pictures alone and choose your color cos the color may not be what it looks like in real life) and have bought before. That helped a lot.

Then I keep opening my Chanel powder (cos apparently it works pretty good for me now after what SW said that it continues to brighten up my skin even after hanging out for long hours) to check with the color on my screen..

Took me a damn long time.. And I was kiasu so I ordered two sample kits instead. Why? Well it would take maybe 10 days or longer for my mineral makeup to arrive then if between the 3 shades, none fits me, then i have to order and WAIT for 10days more again... Thats why I ordered 2 kits so I would have 6 foundation shades to choose (and hopefully there's one that fits me if not need to order again..) and 2 blushers( i recommend All smiles blush and Apple blush cos its highly popular and suits all skin colors), and 2 concealers(i chose the mint green color corrector to cover up reddish areas of skin and a pearl pick me up pink concealer which is shimmery so it could brighten up my skin or act as Highlighter if its too shimmery :) )

Then I had to register though and checkout.. I signed up at coastal scents and at everyday minerals and I checked out my shopping cart for everydayminerals.

Everything went smoothly and yea I slept at 7am this morning. It was some crazy intense shopping stuff and to think I was hogging only on two shopping sites! lol

Here's some info about the Formulas of the powders, extracted from the FAQ section of Everyday minerals and regarding the shade colors, you can check their FAQ section where they give a VERY detailed breakdown of what colors suits you:

What is the difference between Original Glo, Semi-Matte, Matte, and Intensive ?

Everyday Minerals knows that our complexions don't always cooperate with us, therefore on those humid summer days you may want to give yourself a little edge during the heat. And sometimes during those cool spring mornings you want to radiate a glow that warms your spirit.

Original Glo gives your face that added touch of dewiness and long lasting coverage, and is ideal for normal to dry skin. (its VERY shimmery like lots of tiny glitter on your face but not suited for oily skin cos it may enhance your pore size further and instead of giving you a dewy look, it may give oily skins a Oily look, like your face never clean properly like that)

Semi-Matte is a more subtle glow formulated for normal to combination skin. (has a bit of shimmer in it and this is quite popular for most people as it gives some a natural dewy complexion but not too overloaded on shimmer like Original Glo)

Matte, provides a silky smooth matte finish that is ideal for normal to oily skin. (i doubt there's any difference to normal face compact powders(since most are matte finish without any shimmer) and doubt this has light reflecting stuff so it looks really matte but there were some reviews by people that matte could look like the Semi-matte finish over time/prolonged wear within the day on oily skin..)

Intensive, ideal for all skin types, provides a silky near-matte finish and controls oil where needed without drying your skin. We suggest mixing and matching formulas so you can make all the right beauty choices to fit your personality and time of year.
(gives Extreme high coverage and may feel Cakey/look like a 'mask' on your face and is matte but if u want a bit of highlighting, some people mixed a bit of Original glo powder on their brush and applied to their face last. but i suggest trying the Matte effect first to see if it can cover ur facemarks/scars etc cos intensive is really ultra high coverage..)

Here are the links to great makeup lessons and product reviews, Enjoy!




Here are the links Ive been talking about:

Coastal Scents

Everyday Minerals


I slept till 4pm today and had a leg cramp on my right calve. Very painful.. until now the muscle still a bit pain. but I had a funny dream. I dreamt that Shane from The L Word hung out with me and SW and Shane held my hand and asked me to hang out but in my dream I rejected and told her and SW to enjoy themselves cos I felt that Shane was too vocal and I don't feel that comfortable with extremely vocal and extroverted people. Haha makes me feel funny inside. Anyway, after that, she held SW's hand like how little kids hold each other hands and they both skipped off. Weird uh? -.-"

After that dream, I had another dream.. I dreamt that this butch, who is someone who I chat with before, hung out with me and attempted to send me off on the mrt train. Then dunno why, we were chatting and missed my stop and so moved forward to the next stop. We both alighted and walked for a bit then in my dream I realised that it was late and i had to go off. She sent me to the mrt train again and she sat beside me. Then dunno for some reason she gave me a peck on my lips and it was very watery filled with her saliva. (eeeww) and when I got up to leave cos it was my stop, she gave me another goodbye kiss and again it was a digustingly watery peck on my lips. Very very weird dream..

Oh and I was watching the beijing olympics ping pong and quite sad that Singapore didn't get gold. I was following the tournament so carefully when my stomach ache started :/ I had to go to the toilet when it was at the exciting part! Argh... Then when I finish, all I saw was that it was over le.. Sigh.. and they were saying that the china huang yinning i think, played very well.. Argh and i missed that! Oh wells..

Now they're showing some rugby event on tv. So boring! I wonder when will the olympics end then I can go back to watching my favourite tv shows le!... And the light in the house is flooded with tiny flies. Very disgusting. Makes me want to go to bed fast cos they keep dropping by my comp screen now and then and keep flying around me :(

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