♥ Sunday, August 10, 2008

||Batman 3 comes out with this New Joker!||

Batman movie 2 was great with Heath Ledger as the role of Joker. Now that he's passed on, I present you the new joker to be played in Batman 3! I was browsing through the photo collection and I present to you...

(click to enlarge image)

Okay that was a Panorama view of me at the Thai Express by Bunny's phone. Convincing not? Funny not? What's up with that glum look? I had no idea. All I know was we placed our order and it was aeons before it came.. And I look quite pissed but I was actually seriously bored.. Plus bunny at that time didn't wanna be camwhored? -.- Hmm... So.. I asked her to help take me instead.. :p

I think I've heard this phrase and seen this action like dunno how many times already..

Why can't the people around me and who I hang out with be more spontaneous uh, in camwhoring With Me? Makes me envy those other camwhorers out there who do have friends making funny faces and having fun in pictures, together. Hence, does this answer most people enquiries like "Why do you always takes pictures with yourself only in it?" -.-" Secondly, I take myself because I Love Myself. Simple reason enough? Although there are only a few who do enjoy being spontaneous in camwhoring with me and that one would be SW (since I hang out with her most of the time) and Sharon though we don't really have much outings together.. 0.o

Bunny was sick of me trying to take her so she decides to "Shoot" me back.


So after camwhoring a little here and a little there, people were like looking at us and I was quite afraid the management there would ask me to Delete away the photos cos some restaurants are like that de.. Alright but that's beside the point. When the person came with our drinks first, I quickly hid my camera away. Silly right.. lol

Snap snap snap...

I ordered green tea and Bunny ordered tea too but I can't recall the exact name..

Then I saw Bunny opening this tiny container and she ask me whats that. Then I said it could be sugar syrup and I asked to see it.. Lol Then out of nowhere she popped out another small container (from behind my big drink cup) and offered to me. Haha then she added hers in and so did I but I don't like it.. It tasted like Sweet Sewer water.. (its an analogy but it gave me that impression in my head) I still like my Green Tea sugarless..

Today, I wore out my new top! :D Kimono top! But it was pretty much See through.. So I wore a white tube inside plus black skinnys.. Lol.. I think I need to buy more regular tubes or mini tubes(those that doesn't cover the whole mid-section)

We both ordered fish related noodles.. Hers was nicer.. Had prawn some more.. And mine?! GAH! Only had sliced fish, and no prawns! :(

Bunny asked for Sweet Chilli (my first time hearing someone having sweet chilli to go with a soupy dish..) that tasted like the one from Mcdonalds and I had the regular spicy hot chilli.. Without having tasting my noodles first(cos mine was tomyam flavoured) I ASSUMED it to be not that hot at all so I added some chilli inside.. But to my horror, it made my dish crazy spicy and hot!

You know what she's doing?

Yup, she's picking out the vege/spices. Haha cos it was too distracting and I did mine too.. I wouldn't wana bite into these.. So much some more.. Yuck.

And in no time I gobbled up my meal and I was done..


When I looked across, Bunny still had like 3 quarters of her noodles still filled! Oh my! And I had no idea why I was so hungry that day.. Lol..

So I waited.. And waited.. And waited..

Nothing to do then so I took pics of my Heels! Hee

See the sparkles/shimmer? Got this at bugis :) Really nice and they are quite comfy considering its closed toe heels.. Not much blisters were formed compared to my other closed toe heels that left my feet wounded... heh

Luckily they aren't a killer to walk in. Its kitten heels! More subtle then my other 'High' heeled shoes.. :p

Finally she was done so we went out of the restaurant to get some alcohol.. As we were walking along the movie level, we spotted this man.. I think he's the Boss of the shop and he's a craftsman.. He's got some really nice glass jewellery and animal bone/teeth there too! I should know cos I passed by his shop and I spotted this gorgeous Whale tooth (sharp curved teeth) at the shop display! I wanted to get but guess the price.. It was $500!!! :( OMG.. Extremely pricey..and What a Bummer...

He was making glass jewellery 'LIVE' at his shop and my camera is good ain't it? Can zoom in so well even at the movie level which is a few floors up?? :D

We got our alcohols and clubbers were like looking at us as we purchased it.. But hey, if you're in a club, you can't hear what the other person is saying.. So I'd rather a quiet place to relax and drink.. We went up to the open area and as Bunny was leading me to the area where there's a Great view of Sentosa, I stopped.. Cos there's so many people over there and they're going to 'watch' what we do and I just wanted a quiet area to chit chat.. So I told her what I thought about it and then I spotted a empty bench!

We quickly walked towards it & moved it close against the wall so we could like 'be away from everyone' and drink in peace lol.. This was our view.. Romantic not? :)

I love the sparkly chandelier lights but at the same time I felt like we were the Matchstick girls (you know the story of the Matchstick girl who died in the snow while trying to sell off her matchsticks? yea thats it.) who could only watch diners eating cosily in the restaurant while we're like stuck outside in the hot open area with no air con and have to even get our own alcoholic drinks -.-'

And I don't know what cracked me up but as we opened our drinks, and she trying to open the can of Carlsberg Special brew, when the opening was made, I said KABOOM. I don't know where that came from but then like she didn't get it so I said Kaboom again and did the 'exploding' hand action. (as though the carlsberg is gonna explode from the can HAHAHA)

Then she laughed and I laughed and I was high even before I started drinking my alcohol. LMAO!!! I tell you when I get happy(high) , Im a completely different person. Im Friendlier, Chattier, Funnier, and "Lamer". Lame as in I can crack people up but with my sometimes Lame jokes. But hey, if it does make people giggle and laugh till their stomachs hurt, no harm saying it right? :p

Next, I moved on to our other view across of us. It seemed the kitchen boys from the restaurant were having a break and I don't know why but the small lights (taller than garden lights) and the boys all gathered in one group one by one, made me think of a Campfire!! And the boys were the Campfire boys gathering round the campfire.

Then I said, "No no, they are Boy Scouts, and they go in the jungle and now they all singing their Boy Scout song round the campfire!!" One stood up and the next one followed and I again said "Look! They are going to dance round the campfire le! See?! We got the best seats man! Watch them do they funny dance!"

We only drank half of our First round of alcohols and we were like crazy and funnily high already.. And very very happy and chatty! Here, Im showing you My Fav Drink :D

Then Bunny was saying that Carlsberg is Soo Bitter.. -.-" so I offered to switch and she liked mine! Lol

As for me, I ended up drinking Her carlsberg lalala And I did a "slurpy" face hahaha

She didn't want to camwhore further so I said "Okay la, use your phone" and she agreed to camwhore with me.. But.. I still think my camera shots are still the best! :D:D:D

Hahaha we laughed like mad people then and she was quite tipsy le.. Then I took her picture and she said that my camera flash very bright! Bery Blinding!! Haha and that's how we ended up with this shot. :p If I could choose I wouldn't want to use flash.. Cos that would create unecessary attention but its so Dark outside.. Lol so bo bian(no choice) gotta use flash.. :)

I think I told her another lame joke thats why this picture seems quite.. ...

Then I asked her to drink the vodka neat. I never seen anyone drink vodka neat before so I really wanted to see and she say she does that OFTEN. So I thought, No Harm Right? Since she could withstand the Neat vodka then she must be a good drinker, no? So after much anticipation and eagerness from me to see her 'performance', she agreed! And she just Gulped two big gulps of the vodka (leaving like half bottle left) and I was like 0_0 wow..

Next up, since she never tried guiness before(and I have), I bought Guinness and.. I guess we were like tipsy but she more than me and don't know what but it tipped onto the floor..

But thank god it didn't explode in our faces. I picked it up and we cleaned the surface and then she opened it. I was like moving away from her in case it blasted out haha but it just kept bubbling up :/

Not too bad.. After a few sips she didn't want it and asked me to drink till Half a can somemore.. -.- So okay la then after I did that, she needed to go to the ladies.. As she scooted off in the Long way even when I could clearly see the shortcut from where I was sitting, she walked like one big round before getting there haha

With her away in the toilet for quite a while, I whipped out my camera again! :D

Now as I was editing the whole lot of 60 pictures++ (including those in my previous entry) I was bored like the hue was either purple or red or blue so.. I decided to add my personal touch to it.. :) And the result was this:

And finally this as the final photo:

Wow now thats a hell lot of pictures we took.. And a hell lot I have to blog about.. But still Im quite glad we had good memories together and I think im done for the night. All these editing and blogging is making me sleepy..

Right now im drinking the pink bottle of alcohol with sprite and I gotta say, its a Great Combination together! And now its time for my slumber..

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