♥ Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Did some praying, shopping, eating, and Camwhoring with SW last Thursday!

The night before, or in the wee hours of the morning to be more specific, we decided to meet at 3pm but couple of hours later, we confirmed on 330pm to get together..

So time was ticking and at 2plus, I had just stepped into the shower and suddenly, she msged me and said she could come flag a cab now and fetch me! OMG, I haven't finished bathing and not to mention put on my makeup AND she is most likely to reach my place in 15mins? Quickly, I replied her and said that Im still bathing plus, I wasn't ready yet...

So okay, I quickened my pace, got out of the shower, put on my contacts, did my makeup and while I was working on my eye makeup, it was close to 330pm and I was waiting for her to contact me.. Cos the temple closes at 5pm and I was a bit worried we wouldn't make it on time :S So I called her and apparently something cropped up and she said she'll contact me again when she reach..

About half an hour later, she finally called and I was ALMOST done with Everything and was finishing up on the mascara on my lashes.. Tried out my NEW Lancome Amplicils Waterproof mascara and it SUCKS totally! The mascara Wasn't buildable & couldn't lengthen my lashes well! It didn't give me the volume and lengthen effect that Bourjois, worth half the price of lancome, could give me! Darn. What a lousy mascara plus, I think the insides were only half filled with mascara? Cos when I kept putting the wand in and twist and come out a few times, not much mascara liquid came onto the wand..... fuck..

Alright then I prepared my necessary items and went down.. Upon meeting her, she said the meter fare jumped to $2 while waiting for me to come down.. Er... oops? And hey, it was a blue comfort cab so its More expensive too..

(To be continued)

As the cab drove all the way down, we were watching the time.. tick tock tick tock, the temple closes at 5pm! Argh. And the cab is still halfway there, at around 415pm! Gosh, we do need to put our makeup faster :p

We alighted at the cab andI got to the entrance of the temple.. She taught me how to hold the joss stick and pray outside the entrance, then got in, I was pretty blur.. Never Done This Before mah.... it was my first time there.. And wow, some of the ladies there were like, Tai Tais, cos i spotted many branded bags there! Er but wont their expensive bags stink of josssticks and incense smoke when they leave? Eeeee....

SW suggested I clasp my hands together and talk to the Buddha but when I closed my eyes, I couldn't speak my mind.. So i opened them and spoke (in my mind) to the statue in front and after a while, more people gathered around me so I closed my eyes, hard, and prayed..

After a few mins, I was done. I asked for guidance; a resolution. I got up, turned around, and looked at SW with worried expressions(don't know if she noticed that but i was carrying this look the whole time when i alighted and got into the temple..), and we proceeded to the divination sticks..

Its a cylindrical container with many sticks inside.. So I ruffled the sticks a bit (SW said it was to 'shake' off the previous user's fortune so the sticks now could respond to my fortune) and i shaked as I kept in mind my question to the buddha statue in front of me..

Shake Shake Shake and...poof. One stick fell out, very quickly. I was asking SW if that was it. I was VERY uncertain.. Cos the stick fell out Very fast.. So we were like thinking what to do, should we put the stick back in, repeat the whole process or should we get the meaning for it..

After 30secs, we decided, maybe er, this stick was the previous users' fortune.. So okay, put it back.

And i repeated the process and:

Shake Shake Shake
Shake Shake Shake
Shake Shake Shake


A stick came out. Lets hope this is an answer from the Buddha..

Sorry I couldn't take pictures there as its pretty disrespectful to do that? Unless im on a project assignment, then that's a different thing altogether. But, my main objective was to pray for guidance cos lots of crazy things run in my life and Ive been feeling Very troubled these days.. I didn't dare touch my Tarot decks cos I fear that they could lie to me since I havent been close to them for a long time, or that I cannot accept the truth that is shown in the cards.. Thats why I decided to try a different God to see if it could give me an answer. And of course, I didn't have enough courage to venture alone so I am so glad SW lent me support there.. :D

I remembered the earlier stick and the current stick's numbers. So I got it divined and OMG. The first stick was Downright BADLUCK!!! It was Very Very Very Negative! Like, it stated that everything will fail, the garden will perish, there will be miscarriages, the fire will burn everything down, and more.. Okay shit. I hope the second (current) stick will do better and it divined the Complete OPPOSITE! It was GOODLUCK. Positive, not so much of negative. It stated that all should go well but health will be an issue and more.

As I stepped out of the temple, I expected to feel enlightened and relieved. But not really much of that. I didnt feel Very worried and not extremely troubled now(which is a good thing) since I did what I came for and got what I came for but I was Bothered & Confused by the lots that I had. One was downright BAD, the other was positively Good. I wonder which is telling the truth...

We both stepped out of the temple gates and I saw many fortune tellers and palmreaders around.. I don't know what but I went for the one that was dealing with an ah ma who carried a branded bag. So I tot, if she could go to him, so why not I give it a shot...right??? But hey, we walked around first to see if I still felt like seeing one and ya, after walking round and round, i felt the urge to go see that fortune teller..

So okay, I went there and SW sat beside me. MY FIRST TIME seeing a fortune teller too! So many first times there... Anyhow, the fortune asked to see my palms BUT he merely took a QUICK glance and Shook his head many times. I was like... '??????' Okay then he asked for my personal details but not my 8 characters (weird, i thought all fortune tellers will ask but how come not this one..) and told me a bit of stuff here and there. But I felt that what he is saying to me was COMPLETE BULL.

He didn't get a couple of stuff right and most of the stuff, like zodiac, if u are tiger, you are fierce, if you are rat, you are smart, all these I know by heart liao (hello, if i could dabble in tarots, i don't leave out the chinese zodiacs and elements either) AND, when it was his turn to speak, after i asked a question, he would bend his head downwards and with eyes closed, explain stuff to me. Er. I think he was trying to REMEMBER what he had MEMORIZED before about what he studied. (eh, fortune telling needs studying too lei, otherwise how to earn a living if they don't know how to divine? or some general knowledge can do too) Cos i always thought fortune tellers will poke and show the palm lines on the hand and explain in detail and give you EYE CONTACT while explaining but not this one lei.. He didn't poke my palm lines or explain in detail what the lines mean (even when i politely asked him a FEW times) and his replies were always with eyes closed with head bent down. Anybody would know he is speaking from memory and saying out what he memorised and its not really gonna do me any good with what he is 'explaining' to me.

By the way, he spoke Mandarin. So much harder to understand. Argh. Oh but he did mention three things that caught my attention:

1. People born with palm line Stretched across the palms will be very unlucky if they get married early. Badluck will befall the other person... -.^"

2. He said from my palm lines, I have to take care of my health as it is very very weak and i need to build up on tonics also, if in future i want to have any children 0.o And he said that I have to stop crying often as its not good for me or my luck.. I asked him when will I die(is it soon or not), and he refused to give me a definite answer and asked why i want to ask that (cos i need to know how much time i am left..cos i have a feeling im gonna die bfore my time....) and in the end, told me to not think so much and just live life as it is.. -.-

3. He told me it was my lucky day to have him tell my fortune(yea right, its His lucky day bah, since I paid him a sum just for this 15 min fortune telling only thats Not even going into the important details I want to know) and he flipped through his thick chinese book and I spotted a few red packets and some yellow paper that had chinese ink writings on it.. He took out a purple paper (like those paper from the chinese medical herb shops) and wrote his name and contact details on it and some other stuff he simply scribbled in..which apparently cannot be read easily and i still don't know what it means today and neither does the rest whom Ive showed it to, understands. Hmm. So ya, after he wrote stuff on it, he blessed the yellow paper with many chinese characters on it in black ink color, he put it in the purple satchet and told me in mandarin
"Do not bring it into the Delivery Ward/Pregnant-care Ward no matter what."
I asked him WHY but he said its not good. Hm why ah people? Can anyone explain to me if they have this before?? hmm...

And then, I find it all a sham. He was telling me things that are related to Common Sense. But one creepy thing was, he told me if there's any other issues, I could call him and he could help settle it for me by praying with the gods for help <- sounds like blackmagic to you? So at the end, I asked him How much for the service? He said, in mandarin - "Bu Duo, Bu Sao, San Zhang Jiu Gou. " Which means "Not more, Not less, 3 pieces will do." And I was thinking, what the heck is 3 pieces???? Is it ">? Since it red so its auspicious color and 2 2 2, is $6 but 3 pieces, no?

I wanted to get the facts straight and I asked him three times and then he finally divulged the amount: $30

AHHHH! OMG, how come fortune telling is so EX?? Siao, I kena conned liao.. And SW, just at the moment the fortune teller handed me the purple sachet, she walked away cos her phone rang! DArn! Why must her phone ring at the WRONG moment when I needed her most beside me?!?! And after that if was payment time and she was still on the phone and not beside me... Oh no.. what to do?

So I unwillingly handed him 10 10 10 dollar notes = $30 altogether! Call me stupid or blur but... It was my first time! I don't know how the fuck this fortune telling works and Charges! :( boohoo.... Then i left the table, thanked him (argh) and walked to SW.. Then she was shocked why I gave so much and I told her that he requested it. Then she said if he requested it, then must give that amount, cannot shortchange him.. But if its a good fortune teller, he will just say a small amount will do and not so slip shod like this current one..

Oh well. I had no hard feelings when we left for soyabean drink and went window shopping after that.. At least I did what I came for and got the divinations so the rest is up to me.. Overall, ive gotta be positive and think positive. Only then good luck will come my way.. Hmm.. that one ive gotta brush up on since its in my nature to be pessimistic about things.. hm.......

Okay bought a few nice tanktops with SW's help at bargaining and as we were done, I saw Mcdonalds!!!!! Oh god, I finally saw PO, the panda!! Went to get it immediately! I was like on 'Crack' cos i was so excited and jittery and I kept asking if they have the panda toy and ya, they do! Whee~ another happy meal toy for me! :D

Then SW passed by a beauty salon to have her brows done and the owner looked like she had surgery done to her face and botox cos she looked Unnaturally Flawless. Haha ya and I waited for SW to be done and the owner did a Very great job at her brows, very nice! And the brow pencil on her was superb! Looks so professional like those actresses on tv :)

Finally, we were FAMISHED! Had sushi for dinner! Yippee!! But we had to wait 20mins for a table! And the waitresses there kept looking at us when they passed by the queue as if there were tables available but no, there were none! Not yet at least. (so why the hell you waitresses keep looking over at the queue and giving us diners false hope for nothing?!)

Then while we were waiting, some guy walked out way and approached SW, asking her for loose change for his $2 note. He saw her back view and walked towards her, askingher for loose change when AROUND us, there were many other friendly people and cashiers at restaurants to ask but he chose to ask SW. Hmm. You all know what Im thinking right, about this guy's sudden approach. :p Needless to say, he walked off after he got his change, In a Hurry, and didn't get her number. Sheesh. SW was saying that he saw her back and found it attractive but up close when he saw her, he found his expectations were different. LOL

After he left, we got our table! Yay!! :D I'll let the pictures do the talking! :D

She says that blurred pictures are best suited for her. :( Plus, the reason why there's so few of her was.. she swiped the camera and DELETED many of her photos i took of her! ARGH!!!! Silly girl...... And I wanted to edit it nicely for her and post it up here de.. :/

Apparently, this is her favourite sushi. Hm cos she took two plates of this haha!

Oh god, THIS is what we LIVE for!!!

Oh man, whats dining in a sushi restaurant if you don't eat any 'raw' foods? So yea I picked this one but who knows, she was scared of it! She didn't want to eat it.. So ya I ate both myself. The flavour wasnt that raw, it was cooked but tasted like sweet ginger taste.. i don't like.. I have palates for raw salmon sashimi only :p

Found this unique! She had her yellow cold noodles and I had my green Cold noodles.. Nothing spectacular, SW said it tasted the same as hers lol

After so many plates, we were very full!!!! SW finished all her food and I, was left with this! And the green soba..

Ah well, what to do? I Have to Finish the food la! If not waste the $$$.. :p And after that I was Vey bloated to the brim.. Tummy all showing out of my tee liao..

Then I went SW's place where she taught me how to put on Falsies (fake lashes) and foundation the right way! :p

I bought so many in the past but never used them cos I couldnt get the hang of How to use it! Argh..

Nice glitter! :D

At the end, I have finally understood how to put them on and picked up some tips from her! Wheee~ Thank you SW, for everything and taking the time to teach me! hehe

Before I left, take a look at the dining table.. So messy....

Okay and these nuggets were like soggy la, from the happy meal I bought the panda toy about many hours ago.. No more crispy... :(

Everytime I pass by mcdonalds, they have this sauces booth where there's free flow of these and Im only a Klaptomaniac for these! Goodness, Ive searched high and low in supermarkets and there are no 100% black pepper like mcdonalds have! Mostly, the others are all mixed with white pepper.. So what to do? I always swipe 'a few' from the booth to add in my eggs!! :D:D

Po can Talk just like Yan can Cook!

As for this tigress, I had tickets to Dont mess with the Zohan and after the movie with friends, I saw mcdonalds and yup, rushed to get a Happy Meal! I saw the Tigress toy tied onto the big toy bilboard behind the cashiers, thats when I knew, I gotta have Angelina Jolie! Oops, I meant Tigress!

The cashier said there was still Tigress toy available so I ordered, paid and then, THE HORROR - there were no more Tigress toys available! It was totally out of stock! DRATS!!!!! So he gave me a Monkey toy (ew..) and told me to exchange it at other mcdonald outlets. Yes, a toy exchange is possible so long that its not opened from the pack. :) So there was hope after all!

I went back to my seat and told them what happened. I looked at the Monkey, looked at it from every angle, wondering to myself if I could ACCEPT this monkey toy as part of my mini Kungfu Panda toy collection and no, that was out of the question. This monkey does not fit in 'my collection'.

Then something struck me - "Stupid me, I could have asked for the Tigress toy thats stuck RIGHT ON THE TOYBOARD!" I quickly walked back and asked if I could have THAT and I told them I don't mind that its already open. They said YES! So lucky! OKay so I handed the monkey back to them. Went back and oh no, the tail was so full of White Bluetack that held the tiger to the board no matter how hard I tried to remove, there's still some residue left.. But hey, the tail was entirely coated in WHITE and after much dedication to cleaning it, this is the outcome of hardwork paid off!

Im so happy now that I think maybe I should get Tai Lung the evil leopard too? Hehe We'll see, if Im fated to get it or not! :p

This sums up the loot of the day with great shopping with SW and boy oh boy, finally new clothes for me~

Goodnight everyone! :d

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