♥ Thursday, September 04, 2008

||I broke a Jar in IKEA and got away SCOT-FREE!||

Bunny gave me Morning Call today.. And I was like Yea Im awake im awake.. Then we hung up. 5 mins later I checked my clock and there's still time to snooze for a bit so I texted bunny to give me another wakeup call again later..

Then she called. And I said, Ya, Im awake le..

But.. I plonked right back to sleep.. :/

Then I woke up and omg I was rushing. Die, I missed my timing yet again for my antibiotics for my gum wound.. Its the 4th day since I had my wisdom tooth surgery. Its still swollen and red and quite painful..

I managed to grab a bite then took my med and I went to shower.. It was very late already.. When I was bathing, my phone kept ringing la... -.- mood spoiler..

Cannot even enjoy my bath in peace. Then I was thinking, go IKEA and watch movie, sure got lots of people wat.. How can go out bare-faced... Somemore I need to put my sunscreen on (I use Skinfood Mushroom BB cream with spf) so I THOUGHT that my stippler brush (from coastalscents.com) could do a QUICK job but not really lei.. I had to squeeze out like 50cent coin of product on back of my hand and use brush to dab a bit and put on my face then my neck.. Usually I used my fingertips to apply onto my face plus, I only had to use a 20cent coin size to cover my whole face and neck too..

So after that, I HAVE to set it with powder what so I quickly used my buffer brush (also from coastalscents.com) to swirl in my chanel compact powder and its quite okay.. But I think brushes do much better for mineral makeup powder (loose powder) which aparently, my samples from everydayminerals.com, I havent got a chance to fully test its potential and coverage on my face oh and that other 'lost' package containing my second everydayminerals.com samples, came already :) Happy!

Okay so I quickly put chanel powder on my face with brush and added mac blusher on my cheeks if not I look like im wearing a White mask on my face.. -.-

And I was very late by then.. I admit it was ultra wrong of me to TEST out my brushes on that day la but if I didn't I think I would have taken longer.. Plus before I left the house, I got stomachache.. -.- Diarrhea.. Dammit.. Today is really not my day..

Plus tonnes of smses and phonecalls.......

Nevermind. The moment i walked to the road, tried to flag a cab, also no cab. Had to RUN to the other side where the road was more bustling to get a cab. Then managed to flag one and immediately headed off to my destination..

Bunny bought tickets to Journey to the Centre of the earth at 130pm. I reached there around 2pm. -.- Im Truly sorry..! Didn;t mean to be so late but it just happened it was really an unlucky day for me..

Managed to get some normal mooncakes and durian mooncakes..

Anyhow by the time we could admit into the cinema to watch movie, it was like 230pm already! Bunny was texting on her phone all the way too eh really really paiseh make u wait So long.. -.-" Then I asked the cinema people and they said the movie started around 150pm... So Quite heng still can Watch.

Halfway through, I had to go toilet again..

Then bunny called me moments later. The Movie ended. WTF? So fast! Okay but the movie was like a bit bo liao.. :( got dinosaur some more.. kinda exaggerated lei, the movie..

Anyway, we quickly headed down to IKEA! YEA!!! I have not been to ikea in a VERY LONG TIME LE!!! :D:D:D I miss the meatballs!! Haha

She showed me her Swift Heart Rabbit Carebear on the cab and I was like OMFG!!! But TOO BAD. Its not mine. It was hers, a gift from her admirer.. That bloody prick, refused to reveal where he got it even when Bunny 'interrogated' him. I was so so pissed! This kind of people ah, really makes my blood boil.

I camwhored with her carebear! Rabbit lei! People who know me will understand :) Its really small though.. not huggable size de.. Like my other carebears I have.. Her carebear is so nice to touch.. To me, its like seeing a 'goldbar'. Must treat with care.

But ah, Bunny cannot care less la. :/ Mistreat it de :( She like her other toy more, her name is Messy B... So we reached and we couldn't find our way inside! Damn! Haha like there was no way in. Other people were also SEARCHING for the IKEA entrance.. But hey we finally found it. Had to take the carpark lift up and then we scooted off to the cafeteria! Whee!~

Had to cut my meatballs. Actually, the joy of eating meatballs is not to cut it into tiny bits but given my present state, I can't put the whole thing in my mouth and chew. Had to cut into bits, chew a lil, and Swallow the rest of the food down.. :( But I was happy, very happy! Mood was lifted up a bit la.. Haha. Oh and she was texting all the way.. Okay nvm. Then she go buy chocolate cake. To 'haolian' to me again... -.- Hahaha cos I can't eat anything that heaty mah... But by the time she finished her 'main course', she couldn't stomach dessert. Lol. Oh, and I saw a mediacorp actor there. Pretty cool! He sat at the table beside us and he looked so lonely lei -.- eating alone.. haha.. He didn't seem to have a good day either...

Afterwards, we started walking through IKEA!

Haha this look like a westernized Princess room

We stopped here and camwhored in the 'room'. I love the LED lights, can change color, blue, red, green, purple, pink, and more..

Sitting on the couch placed below the double decker bed. And eh, I couldn't smile properly cos my gum muscle would hurt.. So this kinda looks weird 0.o like im not smiling like that :/

Bunny had the idea of placing her hp camera on timer and she placed at the shelf. THEN, a few BUGGERS dropped by this room too and they kept walking about.. Stupid. Dumb. Blind. Was damn irritated la..

Next, we saw another room haha.. Oh and I wore a cap today cos I was having bad hair day! :/

Oh ya, bunny on the cab showed me her Body Shop liquid foundation and I asked if she used it on her face today. She said no. She said yes. She said she used it for her legs/body (can't remember). I said Really Ah, in disbelief. And I din question further. Cos i was thinking, okay lo, many people do use liquid foundation in different ways what.. Some to beautify themselves, some to hide scars, some to just buy and do 'funny' and silly things with it - like Bunny? LOL

Then she said You Really Believe Ah and I was like
Of cos not la.. Its up to you how u wanna use it what and if u use it for that matter, then okay lor, I got no comments and if you chose to bluff me or what I would be thinking, Now why the hell do you wanna tell a lie and get approval from me that I Agree, and then tell me that its not true. Then im thinking, if its not true on what you told me about how u use the liquid foundation, why waste ur saliva further?

Okay la im saying this to people in general. Im okay with jokes like these but some people actually GO the long way to lie about something and then confront me and question me and whatever. These people really have No Life. Nothing better to do de. You think by doing that you get answers? No, you just proved yourself to be a downright dumb fool. That's right. Uh Huh.

Saw this glass cup and it looks pretty nice haha did funny faces too! OH and bunny showing her 'artistic' side :)

I love the mirror! So big, full length! Perfect for me! Then bunny said, "I have a full length mirror at home too!". Blah.. whatever I say hor, she "coincidentally" have it...

If only this was the 'foldable' ancient wall boards where ladies use them to change clothes behind it, that'd be even more cool! :p

Im pretending to be a maid here haha eg. going to cook dinner when...


She kept playing with this! Reminded me of how a baby kitten fondles with the ball of yarn for the first time. Haha!


Now here is where we do dumb stuff with the IKEA props!

I look stumped!

I know you've all been waiting for this! Mostly my pictures are self taken but never really did 'fun' pictures like these.. Haha think bunny said that these shots have a name to it. Artistic shots? Hmm I think so.. lol

I bet Somebody can't wait to grab a knife and stab me for good.

Me: "Take your toys out! Let them play!"

This is how you cook a carebear!
(click to enlarge picture)

Hehe bathing the carebear like a baby. Actually I was playing with the hands lol. The taps have no water by the way! Hahaha


I like the bag rack a lot! Perfect for me and my bags! Thinking of getting this.. Instead of storing them in the squeezy giant containers.. Hmm.. :)

This is My Home, you like?
(got the idea from the mocca ad featuring a halfnaked muscle man. Hahaha)
(click to enlarge picture)

Its so fun to play in ikea I tell you! Esp if there's a quirky photographer too! This is what makes IKEA shopping, fun!

Laugh laugh laugh


Okay I look shocked here..I wasn't ready! Haha

As stated in the picture.

She kept pulling, thought it was fun then..

I told her that this bathroom sucks! Shower area is so small and the floor is like gravel designed? Eee. So dirty..

IKEA really know how to attract kids with this..

At the last part of IKEA, near the 'Hall of mirrors', I saw the measuring tape! Haha and after eating ikea meatballs, I measured my waistline.. Bunny took this and NO, I did not suck in my stomach lei.. That's my waist measurement :D

I finally found the section where my small storage boxes were and she found her jar size for putting the carebear in(to keep off the dust). And while I was going gaga at which storage box color and style to get, she was on the phone and then.. PIANG! The bag that was standing upright beside her leg, fell flat down on the floor.. She was like stumped and didn't know wat happened.. Then we looked inside and OMG, everything shattered! And I was thinking, Die, what to do now? Call the IKEA peeps to sweep the floor? 0.o

And the only thing on my mind was 2 things: One, Shit liao.. The EXPENSIVE carebear is ruined! Die, now how to get the tiny bits of glass out? Even if get most bits out, if hug it to sleep, sure will get cut cos some of the glass bits are hidden.. How to clean it ah? Oh man and the messy b, got glass too! The buttons and the hair.. Jia lat very messy now. I wonder how she gonna clean it up man.. Two, Die, break le what to do sia? Need to tell ikea people or not, damn, now have to buy one jar at the price of two jars..

She was still on the phone and tried to carry the bag upright.. Then I told her I go back get another jar for her.. It was VERY VERY far.. I had no idea how far we walked already and oh my, it was crazy! I offered to get cos.. she was so engrossed in her chat on the phone.. And if I was the only one buying my stuffs and she din get any, like a bit sian lei.. Haha

Checkout! Like, Finally! Spent 4 hrs++ playing in ikea.. By then it was like 8pm already.. So late!

The second famous thing about being in IKEA are the hotdogs! Its like normal hotdogs but where there's IKEA, you gotta have meatballs and hotdogs! MMM yummy! Bought my hotdogs and then we waited at the bench. OH and I bought this Apple Beer too.. Bunny had hers for lunch just now and then she bought Pear Beer now.

Also, while paying, the cashier kept looking at me haha and asked me:

Cashier: You know, you look like that TV actress..but I can't remember the name
Me: Oh eh.. You mean Ericia Lee? :)
Cashier: Ya, Ericia Lee. No wonder you look so familliar.. Even her sister don't even look like her.. Hur Hur But you, really look like her lei
Me: Haha ya, many people say that too.. Thanks hehe

Then we proceeded to the benches and Bunny opened her pear beer.. It smelled 'awful' lei. The smell very strong. And she said it brought back bad memories and it tasted yuck.. Also, we saw these kids playing with the locker..

Took a final picture to end the day. Noticed the plaster on my finger? Ya.. I was playing with the paper measuring tape just now, remember? Then when I took it off my waist, it cut my finger!!! :( So unlucky! Damn it. Play in IKEA also can get hurt like that.. Papercuts.. I hate papercuts....

Reached home, ate my hotdog and then, snap snap away!

Show you my other storage boxes. Its messy, I know :P

And that's all folks!~

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