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I was bored so I surfed the net and here are two articles i liked :D

5 Steps to Body Confidence
Start feeling better about your body – right now.

We are our own worst critic – which explains why so many women have a low body image. The thing is, unless you learn to love every part of your body, you'd never truly be happy. So the next time you feel like the unsexiest woman alive, stem those negative thoughts by practicing these key traits that body-confident women share:

1. Compliment yourself
Learn to praise yourself. Most of us tend to be so obsessed with our flaws that we often forget to be thankful for our gifts and blessings. Body-confident women, on the other hand, count their blessings instead of dwelling on what they don't have. So take the time to remind yourself of everything you have going for you. Think of all the ways you are luckier than others instead of focusing on negative thoughts.

2. Don't compare yourself with anyone else
Many of us fall into the trap of comparing ourselves with incredibly beautiful celebrities and super-skinny models. But the sad truth is, once you start comparing, it's a definite lose-lose situation: There will always be someone prettier, younger and slimmer who comes along. (When will competition ever end?) Instead of trying to morph yourself into the standardized beauty (read: boring) that society imposes on us, put your energy into being the best you can. After all, individuality is beautiful.

3. Pamper youself
Women who feel wonderful in their own skin love lavishing some TLC on themselves. Try to do something special for yourself every week, which can be anything from getting your nails done, coloring your hair, going for a massage spa, or even soaking in an aromatherapeutic hot bath. When you regularly give your body pampering treats head-to-toe, you'll look better and feel better about yourself.

4. Know that perfection is not happiness
Media has us thinking that perfection can buy us happiness. Even though deep in our hearts we know better, many women go on to develop eating disorders and get addicted to plastic surgery in the name of seeking perfection. These lies are misleading: Dress size doesn't correlate to confidence and physical beauty doesn't guarantee happiness. So stop aiming for unrealistic perfection; what's more important is how you feel about yourself. When you go easier on yourself, life can be more fulfilling and positive. Even if you want to make changes for the better, you'll feel happier doing it.

5. Live life to the fullest
If you're burdened by worries about your weight, you'll only be missing out on so many great things in life. Body-confident women have the energy to lead a richer, more meaningful life because they're not going to let weight problems distract them from living their lives to the fullest.


Social Anxiety Disorder (Social Phobia)
Socially awkward and painfully shy? Learn more about social anxiety.

Many of us feel shy ever now and then, but for some people, giving a presentation, interacting at the dinner function, or even attending a friend's wedding can put them in intense distress. They become so worried about making a fool of themselves that they go out of their way to avoid such social situations altogether.

If this sounds like you, you're not alone. As many as 1 in 10 people suffer from social phobia at some point in their lives, an anxiety disorder characterized by intense fear of everyday social events, public humiliation and peer disapproval.

The Social Phobic
People with social phobia, or social anxiety disorder (SAD), are terrified of social situations such as parties, meetings or public speaking. They have a chronic, intense fear of being watched and judged by others, and of being embarrassed by their own actions. Put another way, they dread being ridiculed during social situations. In severe cases, their social anxiety will interfere with work or school, and social relationships.The anxiety is sometimes so extreme that even days before the actual social event, they are already agonizing over every embarrassing thing that could happen to them. When they are actually with people, they become plagued with overwhelming anxiety and feelings of self-consciousness, inadequacy, judgment and criticism.

Their fear may become so severe that they start experiencing physical symptoms like racing heart, blushing, profuse sweating, trembling, nausea, stammering, and even panic attacks. Yet, once it is all over, they can't stop mulling over how they handled the situation or how they totally messed up. In a way, this negative feedback will only further fuel their phobia for social interactions.

Social Phobic Or Just Shy?
People with social phobia are not just shy, they experience overwhelming anxiety and excessive self-consciousness in everyday social situations. They often think that other people are very competent in public and that they are not. Their fear of scrutiny, embarrassment, or humiliation in social situations, is often so disabling that they go to great lengths to avoid social activities and public situations altogether.While many socially anxious people recognize that their fear of being around people is irrational, they find it considerably difficult to overcome their phobia.

Types of Social Phobia
Specific social phobia is one that is limited to certain situations, most commonly during times when the person has to perform or speak up in front of other people, such as public speaking and stage performance. More rarely, it may involve a fear of eating out, talking on the phone or using the public restroom.Generalized social phobia is a more severe form, in that the social phobia is so broad that a person experiences symptoms almost anytime they are around other people.

Social Anxiety Facts
Social phobia often runs in the family and affects females more than males. It typically manifests in early adolescence and, if left untreated, usually continues in adulthood. Social anxiety may be accompanied by depression or alcoholism. <--- okay this sounds like me :s

Treatments for Social Anxiety Disorder
Treatments are extremely effective involve psychological counseling and sometimes medications (such as antidepressants) to reduce anxiety and depression.For people who suffer from generalized anxiety over many social situations, a combination of medications and professional counseling is most effective. While for specific cases, where the individual fear only one or a few social situations such as public speaking, professional counseling alone is often sufficient to help overcome the fear.

Types of counseling include:

Cognitive-behavioral therapy teaches patients to understand their patterns of thinking and correct distorted assumptions so they can react differently to the situations that cause anxiety.

Supportive therapy focuses on educating patients about the disorder and includes family therapy and support groups.

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